Recall on Beef Links in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin

24 May 2019

More Than 2,000 Pounds of Hot Dogs Recalled Due To Possible Metal Contamination – Breaking911, 2019/05/22

Vienna Beef Ltd., a Chicago, Ill. establishment, is recalling approximately 2,030 pounds of beef frank links products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically metal, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The products subject to recall bear establishment number “EST. 1” inside the USDA mark of inspection. These items were shipped to food service locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.


Realtors in South Florida Respond to Fake Climate Headline

24 May 2019

This is an example of journalistic malpractice. Here’s the headline.

The risk of sea level rise is chipping away at Miami home values, new research shows – Miami Herald, 2018/04/24

First part of the article.

Creeping flood waters driven by sea rise have yet to reach the doors of most homes in Miami-Dade, but research shows the looming threat from climate change is already affecting their value. And not in a good way.

New data from Harvard University and the University of Colorado suggests that homes in lower elevations are selling for less and gaining value slower than similar ones at higher elevations. Researchers see that as sign that some buyers are factoring climate risks into their offers and investments — a trend that could have major implications for a state with more coastal real estate at risk than any other.

That’s the research. What do people on the ground say?

Miami’s real estate professionals, however, are skeptical of the climate ripple effect, pointing out the continued soaring prices of expensive waterfront in places like Miami Beach and Key Biscayne. They say their buyers are more concerned with nearby schools and taxes than whether their property will be underwater in 50 or 100 years.

“I’m not hearing it. My associates aren’t hearing it. My realtors aren’t hearing it. It’s not a huge, deep concern from the public,” said Coral Gables realtor Christopher Zoller. “Yeah people talk about it, but has it prevented them from making a purchase? No.”

Alicia Cervera, a luxury home broker who works in Miami Beach, said the idea that prices are changing because of sea level rise is “fake news.” She pointed to new data showing that the median price of a single family home in Miami has gone up every month for six years straight.

“I have not talked to one buyer — not one — who said ‘I’m not buying in Miami because of sea level rise,’ ” she said. “It’s a simple ebb and flow of the real estate market, not the ocean.”

How does this even get published anywhere?

Assange Indicted on 18 Counts

24 May 2019

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Charged in 18-Count Superseding Indictment – U.S. Dept. of Justice, 2019/05/23

A federal grand jury returned an 18-count superseding indictment today charging Julian P. Assange, 47, the founder of WikiLeaks, with offenses that relate to Assange’s alleged role in one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States.

More details at the link.

This Is Your Brain on Drugs

24 May 2019

13-Time Felon Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Testicles While Carrying Drugs In His Anus – As You Do – Red State, 2019/05/23

I don’t think I need to add much else to this.

ESPN Moving Away from Political Commentary

21 May 2019

ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro is fighting the cord-cutting wave – LA Times, 2019/05/20

Pitaro has also satisfied ESPN’s more traditional fans by steering commentators away from political discussions on-air and on social media, which heightened during President Trump’s criticism of NFL player protests against social injustice during the playing of the national anthem.

“Without question our data tells us our fans do not want us to cover politics,” Pitaro said. “My job is to provide clarity. I really believe that some of our talent was confused on what was expected of them. If you fast-forward to today, I don’t believe they are confused.”


As NBA Star Giannis says in his commercials… “SMART”

History… ESPN’s Politics Are Killing Its Brand – Forbes, 2017/10/11

Shoe Company CEOs Worried About Tariffs

21 May 2019

Nike, Converse, Adidas among 170 shoe retailers warning Trump against trade war with China – Washington Post, 05/21/2019

The shoe sellers signed a letter to the White House warning of the “catastrophic” effects Trump’s proposed 25 percent tariffs would have on consumers, companies and the U.S. economy. Trump last week proposed the higher tariffs against shoe imports as part of a broader package of restrictions on $300 billion in Chinese goods, including many consumer items. The U.S. already has imposed tariffs, a type of import tax, on $250 billion in Chinese products, but consumer products had largely been shielded during that round.

The footwear industry is not alone: Economists and other business groups contend that tariffs are a tax on Americans that comes due on the U.S. companies that import foreign goods. Trump has countered that imposing tariffs incentivizes companies to move production back to the United States.

He has also said it is the only way to get Beijing’s attention as he seeks leverage in his trade fight — a battle he maintains the United States is “winning.”

“We’re going to be collecting over $100 billion in tariffs,” Trump told reporters last week from the South Lawn.

This will be an interesting dynamic if tariffs are implemented on shoe imports. Obviously the shoe companies want the status quo. They are making money and the environment is predictable. On the other hand, the country is losing money big time with China with regards to trade and Trump wants to stop the bleeding. What’s better? Low cost shoes or reigning in the loss of money in trading with China?

Transcripts of Various Interviews from the Office of Government Oversight

21 May 2019

For those interested in the ongoing investigation into the investigation…  I am marking the links for reference.

Rep. Doug Collins – Transparency

  • Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – pdf Link Here
  • Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch – pdf Link Here
  • James Comey former chief-of-staff James Rybicki – pdf Link Here
  • Former FBI lawyer, Office of Legal Counsel, Trisha Beth Anderson – pdf Link Here
  • Deputy Asst. Attorney General (DOJ-NSD), George Toscas – pdf Link Here
  • FBI Deputy Asst. Director, Jonathan Moffa – pdf Link Here
  • Former FBI Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch, John Giaclone – pdf Link Here
  • FBI Unit Chief, Office of Legal Counsel, Sally Moyer – pdf Link Here
  • FBI New York Field Office, Assistant Director in Charge, William F. Sweeney Jr. – pdf Link Here