New California… Group Tries Legal Route To Create New Independent State

16 Jan 2018

New California Declares Independence From Rest Of State – CBS Sacramento, 2018/01/15

With the reading of their own version of a Declaration of Independence, founders of the state of New California took the first steps to what they hope will eventually lead to statehood.

To be clear, they don’t want to leave the United States, just California.

“Well, it’s been ungovernable for a long time. High taxes, education, you name it, and we’re rated around 48th or 50th from a business climate and standpoint in California,” said founder Robert Paul Preston.

The state of New California would incorporate most of the state’s rural counties, leaving the urban coastal counties to the current state of California.




They are looking to take the same path as West Virginia in declaring their independence.

They have a 1-2 year road ahead of them. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.


Pics from Jupiter

10 Jan 2018

NASA’s $1 Billion Probe Just Sent Back Mind-Meltingly Gorgeous New Images of Jupiter – Science Alert, 2018/01/06

NASA’s $US1 billion Juno spacecraft completed its 10th high-speed trip around Jupiter on December 16.

The robot gets relatively close to the gas giant planet and takes new photos with its JunoCam instrument roughly every 53 days, while travelling at speeds up to 130,000 mph (209,000 km/h).

It can take days or sometimes weeks to receive the images, but the wait is worth it. The latest batch of photos features countless swirling, hallucinatory clouds and storms.

More pics at the link.



Utility Companies Lowering Rates Because of Tax Bill

10 Jan 2018

The narrative of the tax bill is that it would only help the super rich. Not exactly…

Utilities cutting rates, cite benefits of Trump tax reform – Washington Examiner, 2018/01/09

Energy suppliers like Washington’s Pepco, Baltimore Gas and Light, Pacific Power, Rocky Mountain Power and Commonwealth Edison said they plan to give hundreds of thousands of customers a rate cut due to the tax reform.

In one announcement typical of those from the utilities sharing their tax benefits, Pacific Power said, “The benefit of this tax cut should be passed on to our customers – and we will work with our regulators and stakeholders on the best way to do that.”


Over a Foot of Snow Falls in the Desert

9 Jan 2018

Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW as freak weather blankets sand dunes – UK Daily Express, 2018/01/09

More than 15 inches (40cm) has blanketed sand dunes across the small town of Ain Sefra, Algeria.

It is the second time snow has hit in nearly 40 years, with a dusting also recorded in December 2016.

Over a foot of snow in the desert… wow. Pictures at the link.

Did Trump Want To Win or Not?

9 Jan 2018

Quick question…

A supposed “tell all” Trump book was released that said he did not want to win the election.

So which is it… did he collude with the Russians to win, or did he not want to win? It can’t be both…

Trump Administration Introduces Plan to Reduce Health Care Costs

8 Jan 2018

Trump Drives Another Nail Into Obamacare’s Coffin – American Spectator, 2018/01/08

The new regulation, which was published in the Federal Register on January 5, will be available for public comment for 60 days. When it goes into effect, it will allow small employers to band together for the purpose of buying health insurance in the large group market. Specifically, it will “allow employers to form small business health plans based on geography or industry” and permit such plans “to serve employers in a state, city, county or a multi-state metro area.” It can be used to “serve all the businesses in a particular industry nationwide,” and also allows sole proprietors to join small business health plans.

The impetus for the new AHP rule was provided by Executive Order 13813, “Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States,” issued by President Trump last October. Among the EO’s goals was “to facilitate the purchase of insurance across state lines and the development and operation of a healthcare system that provides high-quality care at affordable prices for the American people.”

Here’s the official Dept. of Labor press release.

Small companies burdened because they can’t take advantage of pricing advantages that are made to large corporations will be glad to see this.

The Rich Are Leaving Connecticut

8 Jan 2018

Editorial: Connecticut’s Money Is Moving Out – Hartford Courier, 2018/01/03

Those who moved out of Connecticut from 2015 to 2016 took with them more than $6 billion in adjusted gross income, or AGI. People who moved to Connecticut brought with them only about $3.36 billion in AGI. The total net loss to Connecticut: $2.7 billion. In one year. That was in the top five of all states, regardless of population.

The states that poached the most taxpayers from Connecticut were New York (8,202 tax returns) and Florida (7,944). The average adjusted gross income for those who left for New York was $111,653. That’s pretty bad, but it’s nowhere near as shocking as Florida, where the average return from former Connecticut residents was $253,187 in adjusted gross income.

That means more than $2 billion in income moved from Connecticut to Florida from 2015 to 2016, more than twice as much money as moved to New York.

You can legislate taxes… you can’t legislate every human response… at least not yet…