Road Rage Driver Runs Himself Over

23 Oct 2017

2017/10/23 – Road rage driver forgets to put handbrake on and runs HIMSELF over with his own car – UK Sun

You can’t make this stuff up.


List of Those Who Died in the Las Vegas Sniper Attack

6 Oct 2017

2017/10/06 – Clark County Coroner releases official list of decedents from the Oct. 1 shooting incident on the Las Vegas Strip – Clark County Public Communications

The list is at the link. 22 men, 36 women – not including the murderer.

Pepsi Claims They Are Laying Off Workers Due To Soda Tax

2 Mar 2017

Pepsi is laying off up to 100 workers in Philadelphia and blaming a 2-month-old soda taxBusiness Insider

PepsiCo is laying off 80 to 100 workers at distribution plants serving Philadelphia. According to the company, a soda tax that is cutting the area’s soda consumption is to blame.

“Unfortunately, after careful consideration of the economic realities created by the recently enacted beverage tax, we have been forced to give notice that we intend to eliminate 80-100 positions, including frontline and supervisory roles, in Philadelphia over the next few months, beginning today,” Pepsi said in a statement to Business Insider.

Philadelphia Democrats have argued that layoffs are simply a case of companies trying to prevent other cities from passing soda taxes, by painting the taxes as dangerous for business.

…that’s because taxes can affect businesses negatively. In this case, it’s 20% of the facility workforce.

Moving Forward

2 Mar 2017

I plan to use this current site as a feed for another website. So for now, this website will remain the same and I will see how that works.

New Direction for News In Context

16 Feb 2017

I have been on and off with this site for years.  Hopefully I can do something more permanent.

I will be changing how I display the news.  With so much false information floating around, there needs to be some way to find out the truth in its proper context.  I have an idea on how to do the news differently, but just need to work out some details.

Much of the news out there today is not really news – but just speculation or opinion.  I like to get at the root of issues to obtain the truth of what is going on.  On thing Jesus Christ said is that the truth can set you free.  So it’s important to find truth.  What’s also true is that if the truth sets you free, then lies can put people into bondage through deception… not necessarily physical bondage, but emotional, spiritual, etc.

Anyway the site will be changing… also considering a move to the pay side.

Thanks for reading.

Small Nebraska Town Rejects

2 May 2016

Tiny Nebraska Town Says No to 1,100 Jobs, Citing Way of Life

Regional economic development officials thought it was the perfect spot for a chicken processing plant that would liven up the 400-person town with 1,100 jobs, more than it had ever seen. When plans leaked out, though, there was no celebration, only furious opposition that culminated in residents packing the fire hall to complain the roads couldn’t handle the truck traffic, the stench from the plant would be unbearable and immigrants and out-of-towners would flood the area, overwhelming schools and changing the town’s character.

Interesting perspective here. The people chose how they want their town to be, and rejected the business. Sounds like a smart move in that the plant would employ over two times the amount of people residing on the town – which means immigrants would relocate to that area. Growth is good, but large growth in a short period of time can cause unintended consequences.

TARP Quarterly Report – October 2013

29 Oct 2013

A report from the TARP Inspector General. 518 pages in PDF form. Can’t they make these reports easier to read? The Executive Summary does not do justice.

TARP Quarterly Report – October 29, 2013 – Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program

First sentence of the Executive Summary…

The financial system has stabilized in part due to five years of the TARP bailout, but the toxic corporate culture that led up to the financial crisis and TARP has not sufficiently changed.

Doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies.

Apparently the government took a $9.7 billion dollar loss from the money loaned to General Motors. This is despite Obama trumpeting General Motors paying back its loans in 2010.

Hopefully some details will be posted from this report later pending time constraints.