In Context: Puerto Rico and Whitefish Energy

30 Oct 2017

Latest: Puerto Rico has chosen to terminate the contact with Whitefish Energy to restore a portion of their electrical grid structure. Even though Mr. Ramos claimed no wrongdoing was done, they have chosen to cancel the project because it is a distraction.

2017/10/31 – Puerto Rico in the Dark – City Journal

2017/10/29 – Puerto Rico Power Authority Moves to Cancel Whitefish Contract After Plea From Governor – NBC News

2017/10/29 – Puerto Rico Cancels Whitefish Energy Contract to Rebuild Power Lines – NY Times

2017/10/27 – UPDATED: FEMA Statement on Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s Contract with Whitefish – FEMA

2017/10/27 – FEMA Cites ‘Significant Concerns’ With Puerto Rico Power Contract – NY Times

2017/10/13 – Trump Tweet Hits Sore Spot: Slow Pace of Puerto Rico’s Recovery – Bloomberg

2017/10/09 – Cash crunch slowed Puerto Rico’s appeal for grid help, CEO says – E & E News Greenwire


Canada Driver Ticketed For Singing 90’s Dance Hit

25 Oct 2017

2017/10/25 – Man singing C+C Music Factory’s ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’ in car gets $149 ticket – ABC Los Angeles

A Canadian man’s decision to belt out a 1990s dance hit while inside his car has landed him a $149 ticket for being too loud in public.

Moalla says he was happily singing along with the windows mostly rolled up to C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” which neared the top of the Billboard chart in 1991, when he was stopped.

He says was asked if he was yelling and he said no. One of the officers walked away and returned with the fine for screaming in a public place.

Canada obviously not feeling the Old Skool vibe

Is California Headed For Economic Disaster?

25 Oct 2017

Opinion piece from one who has served in the state government…

2017/10/19 – A Further Perspective… Adios, California – The American Spectator

The entire time I served in Sacramento, the Democrats were focused almost exclusively on legislation which either had to do with wealth redistribution or creating new “rights” for alleged victims such as illegal aliens, criminals, union members, homosexuals, transgenders and other “oppressed” groups. And it’s no different today. The reality is that the average middle class Californian hasn’t had representation in the halls of Sacramento for decades.

California’s $2.62 trillion economy is larger than that of France, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and Italy. However, that GDP stat does not factor in California’s cost of living, which is 36.2% higher than the national cost of living.

Silicon Valley “accounted for 50% of California’s private industry real GDP growth.” In other words, without a few dozen mega profitable high-tech Silicon Valley firms such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, California’s GDP would be significantly smaller.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that California spends $22 billion on government services for illegal aliens, including welfare, education, Medicaid, and criminal justice system costs. Liberals claim they more than make that up with taxes paid, but that’s simply not true. It’s not even close. FAIR estimates illegal aliens in California contribute only $1.21 billion in tax revenue, which means they cost California $20.6 billion, or at least $1,800 per household.

Today, large sections of California look like a Third World country with ramshackle buildings, junky cars and trash strewn everywhere. We even have outbreaks of Hepatitis A, just like the Third World has. A state cannot chase away the producers and attract the takers year after year without economic consequences. That doesn’t end well so there’s little doubt California is headed toward economic disaster.

Jerry Jones Says Protests Are Absolutely Hurting The League

23 Oct 2017

I am against all things Cowboys, but Jerry Jones is on the money.

2017/10/22 – Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says the NFL is being damaged by protests – Dallas Star-Telegram


“There is no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests,” Jones said.

Jones was more expansive than he’s ever been regarding an acknowledgment of the concerns of the players, who are protesting racism and social injustice. He said the league can’t help in those areas in a meaningful way if it is damaged.

Jones said the players he talked to all know the NFL is being damaged. He said the Cowboys sponsors have expressed “concerns” about the anthem protests and damage to the league.

“All times, I want to do the right thing by them and their customers,” Jones said. “I have a great responsibility to the people who support us. We all get great benefits from having a lot of people watch our games. All of us do.” 


Former NPR CEO Experiences Red State America and Confronts Media Bias Issue

23 Oct 2017

2017/10/21 – Former NPR CEO opens up about liberal media bias – New York Post

Spurred by a fear that red and blue America were drifting irrevocably apart, I decided to venture out from my overwhelmingly Democratic neighborhood and engage Republicans where they live, work and pray. For an entire year, I embedded myself with the other side, standing in pit row at a NASCAR race, hanging out at Tea Party meetings and sitting in on Steve Bannon’s radio show. I found an America far different from the one depicted in the press and imagined by presidents (“cling to guns or religion”) and presidential candidates (“basket of deplorables”) alike.

It’s not that media is suppressing stories intentionally. It’s that these stories don’t reflect their interests and beliefs.

It’s why my new friends in Youngstown, Ohio, and Pikeville, Ky., see media as hopelessly disconnected from their lives, and it is how the media has opened the door to charges of bias.

Some of this loss of reputation stems from effective demagoguery from the right and the left, as well as from our demagogue-in-chief, but the attacks wouldn’t be so successful if our media institutions hadn’t failed us as well.

The bold is the issue.  The media opens itself up to attack by how they conduct their reporting.  Excellent article… read the whole thing.

Green Energy Business Linked to Podesta Collapses

23 Oct 2017

More financial fallout from Hillary Clinton losing the election. They were setting themselves up to make a ton of money.

2017/07/18 – Heat Death: Joule Unlimited collapses as oil prices flag, time passes, pressure mounts – BioFuels Digest

One of the more striking outcomes from the DOE Bioeconomy 2017 conference in Washington DC was confirmation of the demise of Joule Unlimited. “We had a lot of prospects last year,” former CEO Brian Baynes told The Digest, “but those new investor prospects walked away, particularly post election.

Joule last appeared on the news radar in April 2016 when we reported that the company obtained EPA approval of Joule’s Sunflow-E ethanol pathway for generating advanced biofuel (D-code 5) RINs under the Clean Air Act (CAA). This recognition from the EPA validates Joule’s mission to create carbon-neutral fuels for a sustainable tomorrow, and follows the 2015 announcement that Joule’s Sunflow-E ethanol was registered by the EPA for commercial use.

2017/10/22 – Podesta’s ‘Green Company’ Forced to Close Because Hillary Lost the Election – Daily Caller

There would have been more of a focus on the green energy industry, and investments were rolling in when it was expected than Clinton would win the 2016 election.

There is more here, it just has not revealed itself yet.

Road Rage Driver Runs Himself Over

23 Oct 2017

2017/10/23 – Road rage driver forgets to put handbrake on and runs HIMSELF over with his own car – UK Sun

You can’t make this stuff up.