Homeless Population Up in the U.S. Due to the Increase on the West Coast

7 Dec 2017

2017/12/07 – America’s homeless population rises for first time in years – Associated Press

The nation’s homeless population increased this year for the first time since 2010, driven by a surge in the number of people living on the streets in Los Angeles and other West Coast cities.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released its annual Point in Time count Wednesday, a report that showed nearly 554,000 homeless people across the country during local tallies conducted in January. That figure is up nearly 1 percent from 2016.

Increases are higher in several West Coast cities, where the explosion in homelessness has prompted at least 10 city and county governments to declare states of emergency since 2015.

City officials, homeless advocates and those living on the streets point to a main culprit: the region’s booming economy.

Excluding the Los Angeles region, total homelessness nationwide would have been down by about 1.5 percent compared with 2016.

Places where the numbers went down included Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, the Denver area and Hawaii, which declared a statewide homelessness emergency in 2015.

So California and the rest of the west coast is driving the population of the homeless in the country. For some reason, many do not link the way their states are run to the amount of homeless people exist. The number will continue to increase as long as they continue to support illegal immigrants, restrict business opportunity because of a ton of needless regulation.

As long as the cost of living continues to increase, the amount of homeless will increase. It’s that simple. The solution is not to artificially raise the minimum wage to keep up with cost of living increases. The solution is to decrease the cost of living to reasonable levels – which would allow those at the bottom a chance at affordable living.


Celebrity Apology Generator

4 Dec 2017

If you are a celebrity and have recently went through the “unfortunate” event of being outed as a sexual abuser, click the link and presto – you will have a nice tidy apology to read off at the press conference.

Apology Generator

In all seriousness, if these people are guilty, continue to shine the light of truth on their behavior. I’m glad the women and men have the courage to tell the truth about this bad behavior. This industry needs to clean up its act… big time.

Iran Base in Syria Bombed

4 Dec 2017


In the early hours of December 2, reports claimed that a base or ammunition warehouse south of Damascus had been hit by missiles from an airstrike. Foreign media has alleged that Israel was behind that strike.

On November 10 the BBC released a report that Iran was “building permanent military base in Syria.” The report had three satellite images with it – from January, May and October – showing a site near El-Kiswah, south of Damascus. It was about 50 km. from Israeli forces on the Golan Heights. The changes at the site showed new buildings and the BBC ascribed the information to a “western intelligence source.”

On November 12, two days after the revelations of the Iranian base at El-Kiswah, a US State Department official indicated to Israeli media that the cease-fire memorandum would include the removal of Iranian forces from areas near the Golan. Three days later, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the agreement did not indicate that Iranian- backed forces would be withdrawn.

The month leading up to the strike underscores the complex game being waged by Iran to entrench itself in Syria and Israel’s attempts to warn the Iranians off.

Refugee Admissions Way Down from Last Year

4 Dec 2017

2017/12/04 – Refugee Admissions to U.S. Down 83% in First Two Months of FY18 – CNS News

Refugee admissions to the United States were down 83 percent in the first two months of fiscal 2018 (October and November) compared to the first two months of fiscal 2017.

A total of only 3,108 refugees were admitted in October and November down from the 18,300 refugees who were admitted in October and November of last year.

The article also includes stats on the religious breakdown of the refugees… more Christians, less Muslims.