Transcripts: Comey Testimony Before the Joint House Committee

21 Dec 2018

For those interested…

James Comey Joint House Committee Transcript-12!7!18 Redacted – Scribd, 2018/12/07

James Comey Congressional Interview Part-Two – Scribd, 2018/12/18


Link to the Nunes Memo

2 Feb 2018

Courtesy of Raw Story and Scribd.


After reading the whole thing through, this is what I get.

  • Steele was paid $160K by Clinton as the DNC to create a reason to spy and wiretap a volunteer staffer with the Trump campaign. The fact that he was paid is not in the paperwork, but everyone kinda knew.
  • Steele referenced a Yahoo article in the FISA application – in which he provided the source info – and then pretended it was info from someone else.  He was fired as an FBI source because of this.
  • The rest of the memo details Steele’s (and others’) deep interest in Trump losing the election.

Those are the main points to me. It was a politically motivated and financed witch hunt to smear Trump.

There’s probably more there when you start piecing together all of the periphery players involved.

Lavabit Founder Ethically Challenged By FBI Demands

30 Oct 2013

FBI to Lavabit founder: ‘Do you really think users trust you over us?’ – Daily Caller

The FBI fined, threatened, and forced Ladar Levison to suspend the operation of his secure email service, Lavabit LLC, telling the entrepreneur that his users were more likely to trust the government than him.


Now that’s funny… There are not many that trust the government these days.


Levison said he was willing to provide the FBI limited access to what they wanted, but the bureau told him that was not sufficient, insisting on full access.

He recalls lead prosecutor Jim Trump asking, “Do you really think users trust you over us?” Levison answered in the affirmative and Trump replied that Levison was “lucky” he had not already been arrested.

“I was outnumbered eight to one,” said Levison speaking of his interaction with federal agents. “They were taking offense that I was saying these things. They didn’t seem to understand at all what they were doing.”

Levison said the FBI responded to concerns about overreach by saying, basically, “Don’t worry. We’re the federal government. We wouldn’t do that.”

And the FBI wanted a lot more access than to just one account, Levison said. “I had an FBI agent that came to my home office saying that they wanted to collect content, wanted to collect passwords. I could not in good conscience turn over these keys and let them have unaudited access.”

According to Levison, the worst part was being under court-sanctioned gag order, leaving him unable to explain his self-described “existential crisis” to customers. “How do you fight a law that nobody knows exists?” said Levison, “I was having trouble sleeping. It was a huge problem for me ethically.”


Guilty before innocence. That’s not the American way. Way to go Mr. Levison.

FBI Lead Investigator Against Michigan Militia Unprepared

28 Apr 2010

Remember the militia group that was suspected of having motives to go to war against the antichrist?

The Detroit News (2010/03/28): Seven arrested in FBI raids linked to Christian militia group

Well, all of a sudden the FBI doesn’t know anything.

Toledo Blade: FBI agent short on details on militia inquiry

An FBI agent who led the investigation of nine Michigan militia members charged with trying to launch war against the federal government couldn’t recall many details of the two-year probe yesterday during questioning by defense lawyers.

Even the judge who must decide whether to release the nine until trial was puzzled.

The nine lawyers asked specific questions about each defendant. Ms. Larsen said she had not listened entirely to certain recordings made by an undercover agent who infiltrated the group.

She said that because they were still being examined, she didn’t know if weapons seized by investigators last month were illegal.

At other times, Ms. Larsen couldn’t answer questions because she said she hadn’t reviewed investigative reports.

Defense lawyer William Swor asked if the No. 1 defendant, Hutaree leader David Stone, had ever instructed anyone to make a bomb.

“I can’t fully answer that question,” the agent replied.