In Context: Terror Attack New York, Driver Kills Pedestrians

1 Nov 2017

2017/11/01 – NYC terror suspect boasting about deadly attack – NY Post

2017/11/01 – Tampa man identified as suspect in NYC terror attack – CBS Tampa

2017/11/01 – WATCH: New York Attack Suspect Sayfullo Saipov Runs Through Streets Before Being Shot – Haaretz

2017/10/31 – Uzbek NYC terror suspect entered US under Diversity Visa Program – Conservative Review

2017/10/31 – Bike path rampage: What we know about the suspect – ABC New York

2017/10/31 – New York City terror attack: What we know about the victims – CBS News


Trump To Add Three Countries To The Travel Ban

26 Sep 2017

2017/09/24 – Trump expands enhanced vetting to include Chad, North Korea and Venezuela – Washington Times

President Trump issued a new travel ban policy Sunday night, adding Chad, North Korea and Venezuela to the five majority-Muslim countries whose citizens were already prohibited from entering the country under his “extreme vetting” executive order.

After a monthslong review, the administration said Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen will also remain on the list, though in some cases the restrictions are being altered. Sudan is being removed from the list. Iraq is deemed to be troubled, but it won’t face severe restrictions as a reward to that government for cooperating with the U.S.

But the Trump administration said the latest policy is on firm legal footing since it follows a long review that involves asking nearly 200 countries to detail their own information-sharing and identity processes and to promise cooperation when it comes to verifying the identities of their citizens seeking to enter the U.S.

More than a dozen countries were deemed inadequate in the first go-around, but some of them quickly updated their levels of cooperation, allowing them off the list, the administration said.

But the countries that remain on the list either were unable or, in some cases, unwilling to cooperate.

The initial regulation ends October 18th.

Pipe Bomb Explodes in Indiana Post Office

7 Sep 2017

9/7/2017 – Indiana post office worker injured in pipe bomb blast – Rueters

A pipe bomb exploded at a post office in northwest Indiana on Wednesday, injuring one worker, media reported.

The motive for the attack was not immediately clear and the FBI was investigating.

The worker, who was not identified, was taken to a hospital where she was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, the Tribune reported.

The Largest Terrorism-Related Civil Forfeiture in U.S. History

3 Jul 2017

2017/06/29 – Manhattan Skyscraper Linked to Iran Can Be Seized by U.S., Jury Finds – NY Times

The jury, which deliberated for one day after a month of testimony, found that the Alavi Foundation, which owns 60 percent of the 36-floor skyscraper at 650 Fifth Avenue, violated United States sanctions against Iran and engaged in money laundering through its partnership with Assa Corporation, a shell company for an Iranian state-controlled bank that had owned the remaining 40 percent.

The government has agreed to distribute proceeds from the building’s sale, which could bring as much as $1 billion, to the families of victims of terrorism, including the Sept. 11 attacks, where Iran has been found to have had some culpability.


Travel Ban Now in Effect for the U.S., Fiances Added to the List

30 Jun 2017

2017/06/30 – Trump administration says ‘I do’ to adding fiances to travel ban exemptions – Fox News

The Trump administration has apparently altered its definition of a “bona fide” relationship, adding fiancés of people in the U.S. to its list of people who are exempt from its travel ban from six mainly Muslim nations.

The guidelines sent to U.S. embassies and consulates on Wednesday said applicants from the six countries must prove a relationship with a parent, spouse, child, adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling in the U.S.

Manchester Terror Suspects Released

12 Jun 2017

2017/06/12 – Cops release all Manchester concert bombing suspects – CBS News

All the suspects arrested over last month’s Manchester concert bombing have been released without charge, British police said Sunday, acknowledging that detectives were still not sure whether the attacker had accomplices.

Greater Manchester Police said Sunday that all 22 people arrested on suspicion of terrorism offenses had been released without charge.

Suspects arrested under terrorism laws can be held for up to 14 days before they must be charged or released.

Ex-Gitmo Inmate Arrested in France As Part of Recruiting Network

12 Jun 2017

2017/05/30 – Ex-Guantanamo Bay inmate is arrested after being linked to an ISIS recruiting network eight years after he was released from the controversial prison – UK Daily Mail

A former Guantanamo Bay inmate is among six people from an alleged ISIS recruiting network who were detained on Tuesday.

Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar was one of the six suspects arrested in Bordeaux as part of the crackdown, a French judicial source said.

Lahmar was freed from the US detention center in Cuba in 2009 after France agreed to accept him, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed.

The 48-year-old was one of six Algerians detained in Bosnia in 2001 on suspicion of plotting to bomb the US embassy in Sarajevo.