EPA Chief Cuts $900K of Gym Memberships

20 Jun 2017

2017/06/20 – EPA scraps $1 million in gym memberships for employees – Washington Examiner

The Environmental Protection Agency is scrapping the agency’s nearly $1 million in gym memberships as an abuse of taxpayer funds.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt vowed to get rid of the gym memberships after the newspaper reported earlier this year that the agency had paid $15,000 per year for employees in Las Vegas to upgrade to premium fitness memberships at 24 Hour Fitness. This was done even though the employees already had complimentary gym memberships at the University of Nevada’s campus in Las Vegas.

This is the common sense stuff that got Trump elected.

Trump Looking At Big Cuts in Government Energy Renewables

12 Jun 2017

2017/06/08 – Trump’s renewable energy cuts alarm former officials – CNN Money

Trump wants to gut a key division of the Department of Energy designed to accelerate the development of clean energy like solar and wind power. The administration’s 2018 budget would slash funding for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by a stunning 71.9%.

Budget documents published by the DOE argue that the spending cuts to the renewables office will focus resources on early-stage research & development. The DOE added that it also “reflects an increased reliance on the private sector to fund later-stage research, development and commercialization of energy technologies.”

Obama Subsidies to Rise $10 Billion in 2017

15 Dec 2016

Total subsidies from the decreasing pool of taxpayers will rise from $32 billion to over $42 billion next year.

Obamacare subsidies to jump $10 billion in 2017

Currently more than eight in 10 consumers buying private health insurance through HealthCare.gov and state markets receive tax credits from the government to help pay their premiums. Those subsidies are designed to rise along with premiums, shielding consumers from sudden increases. But the bill ultimately gets passed on to taxpayers.

Insurers say the spike in premiums is due to lower-than-projected enrollment, patients who turned out to be sicker than expected, people gaming the system to get coverage only when they need medical care and a premium stabilization system that has not worked as intended.

The administration says the higher premiums are a one-time market correction and not a sign that the law’s insurance markets are slipping into a “death spiral” of rising premiums and declining enrollment.

Wait… “people gaming the system to get coverage only when they need medical care”? That’s not gaming the system… that IS the system… no pre-existing conditions are taken into consideration.

Trump On Government Debt

9 May 2016

Trump just exposed America’s dirty little secret: Schiff

Last week, Trump joined CNBC’s “Squawk Box” last week to discuss a wide range of topics including U.S. debt, interest rates and replacing Fed Chair Janet Yellen. It was Trump’s comments about potentially renegotiating the more than $19 trillion in U.S. debt and the sensitivity surrounding higher interest rates that raised eyebrows.

While some observers argued that Trump’s approach could be tantamount to a debt default, Schiff told CNBC the GOP nominee was fundamentally correct in his observation.

“Trump just admitted on CNBC that America has too much debt to afford a rate hike, and that he wants our creditors to accept less than 100 cents on their Treasuries,” the Euro Pacific Capital CEO explained on CNBC’s “Futures Now” last week. “In other words, Trump knows a U.S. government default is inevitable.”

Schiff has long been opposed to the Fed’s so-called easy money policies. He insists that rather than helping the economic backdrop, the excess liquidity has created fragile asset bubbles so fragile that may send the U.S. spiraling into a recession worse than what occurred during the financial crisis.

“[Trump] recognizes that we have a bubble and he wants to make America great again,” Schiff said, adding that of all the candidates he has the best understanding of how bad the problems are.

“To get great again we need to recreate what made us great in the first place, and so we’re going to have to let interest rates go up,” Schiff added. “A big part of that is admitting that we aren’t going to be able to re-pay the debt.”

If there is one thing on which Trump knows his stuff, it is money issues.

Study: Why The Federal Government Fails

29 Jul 2015

The study highlights five main problems…

  • Top Down Coercion
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Political Incentives
  • Bureaucratic Incentives
  • Huge Size and Scope

Sometimes you just need a study to point out the obvious.

This Program Allowed Local Police to Acquire Military Equipment

16 Aug 2014

How America’s Police Became an Army: The 1033 Program

Faced with a bloated military and what it perceived as a worsening drug crisis, the 101st Congress in 1990 enacted the National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1208 of the NDAA allowed the Secretary of Defense to “transfer to Federal and State agencies personal property of the Department of Defense,

It was called the 1208 Program. In 1996, Congress replaced Section 1208 with Section 1033.

The St. Louis County Police Department’s annual budget is around $160 million. By providing law enforcement agencies with surplus military equipment free of charge, the NDAA encourages police to employ military weapons and military tactics.

  • Watertown, CT (pop. 22,514) – purchased a mine resistant vehicle costing taxpayers $733,000 for $2,800
  • Bloomington, GA (pop. 2,713) – acquired four grenade launchers

So this 1033 program is the vehicle used to militarize local police departments.

Illegal Immigrant Kids Get First Class Treatment

15 Aug 2014

Illegal immigrant children get first-class treatment at taxpayers’ expense – Washington Times

From culturally sensitive music to special meals for the lactose intolerant, the organizations the federal government is paying to house and care for the children who have surged across the border illegally are taking pains to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Dietitians scrutinize the menus each day to make sure they include enough whole grains but not whole milk. Counselors offer life skills classes in Spanish, and intensive English language training, including use of the Rosetta Stone program. Doctors and dentists treat the children at taxpayers’ expense — often the first medical care of the children’s lives.

The children also are guaranteed phone privileges, including the right to call back to their home countries.

Taxpayer money… we are $17 trillion plus in debt…

Where else is the money going?

  • Baptist Child & Family Services – $280 M
  • Southwest Key Programs Inc. – $122 M
  • International Educational Services Inc. – $55 M
  • Translation services and charter airlines also are making millions of dollars from contracts to transport the children around the country, and to help overcome language barriers.

We did not ask for this. Many are stretched too thin already. Charity is fine, but true charity does not burden others.