Gruber’s Government Funding

8 Feb 2011

Gruber received a no-bid contract from the government to specifically work on the health care bill. The bid was made May 21, 2009 and awarded June 21, 2009 for $297,600.

Technical Assistance in Evaluating Options for National Healthcare Reform Solicitation Number: OS4809

According to the Wall St. Journal, Gruber also received an additional $95,000.

Health Experts and Double Standards

Mr. Gruber is a health economist and former Clinton Treasury hand, as well an architect of Mitt Romney’s 2006 health plan in Massachusetts that so closely resembles ObamaCare. His econometric health-care modelling is well-regarded. So his $297,600 plum from the Department of Health and Human Services in March for “technical assistance” estimating changes in insurance costs and coverage under ObamaCare, plus another $95,000 job, is at least defensible.

But wait – there’s more – Gruber did work on the Medicare Part D legislation. For the past three years, he has received a $280,000 salary for working on Medicare Part D from the National Institute of Health. That’s an additional $850,000


Since 2008, Jonathan Gruber has collected over $1.2M of taxpayer money.


The Man Behind Obamacare Economics

8 Feb 2011

Comic treatment for health plan

The MIT economics whiz who crafted President Obama’s national health-care overhaul now plans to explain the complex and controversial plan to the masses — in one long comic book.

Jonathan Gruber, a nationally recognized health economist who devised the economic underpinnings of Obamacare (Gruber hates the term), said his three comic-loving kids encouraged him to use the hip format of the graphic novel — basically an expensive comic published in book form — to tell the story of the complicated plan to 300 million Americans.

I run across this article excepting some crazy theory about explaining the health care bill, and whoa – the crafter of the health care bill hits me right between the eyes.

This is big because now history can be researched on Gruber and the intent of his policies and his reasoning behind them.

And since he hates the term “Obamacare”, I will call it Grubercare.