ISIS Captagon Drug Cache Destroyed by Coalition

21 Jun 2018

US-led coalition destroys Islamic State narcotics cache — including 300,000 so-called ‘Jihadi pills’ – The Military Times, 2018/06/09

The international coalition to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria destroyed a large drug cache on June 12 that was previously controlled by the militant group.

The drugs were estimated to have a black market value of roughly $1.4 million, according to a press release from Operation Inherent Resolve.

“Despite [ISIS’] facade of Islamic purity, its criminal terrorists are known drug users and traffickers,” the coalition said in its press release. “The cache included more than 300,000 pills of Captagon, an illegal drug frequently trafficked and used by [ISIS] members.”

So what is this Captagon?

Captagon is a highly addictive amphetamine-based drug that is banned in many countries. The drug keeps its user awake and alert for long periods of time and can help dull pain. The drug’s main ingredient is fenethylline, a chemical combination of amphetamine and theophylline.

In one instance, 122 Chinese-made machine guns were found in an ISIS cache south of Mosul, Iraq. Each weapon was affixed with one to three pouches filled with a powder that presumptive analysis revealed was a “performance enhancing amphetamine,” according to Conflict Armament Research, a U.K.-based investigative organization.

So basically these ISIS fighters are drugged zombies. Take away their “courage” and it seems as though they will be less willing to fight.


Boston Police Captain’s Son Arrested for Terror Plot

22 May 2018

Boston police captain’s son pleads guilty to terrorist bomb plot – Boston Globe, 2018/05/21

The son of a Boston police captain pleaded guilty Monday to plotting to use guns and homemade bombs to attack a college campus to support the Islamic State group, three years after his arrest after his father alerted the FBI.

Ciccolo was arrested in July 2015 after he received four guns he ordered from a person who was cooperating with the FBI. Boston police Capt. Robert Ciccolo tipped off authorities after his son said he wanted to join the Islamic State group.

Ciccolo, 25, was initially charged only with being a felon in possession of a firearm and stabbing a nurse in the head with a pen after he was brought to jail. But he was later indicted on attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.

Ciccolo, who went by the name Ali Al Amriki, pleaded guilty to all charges. His lawyer did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

I don’t think he went to the Middle East.

We need to curb their online footprint.

The FBI is not going to get everybody ahead of time.

Thank goodness the dad turned him in. Mom assumed her son was an angel.

Coptic Christians Attacked in Egypt – Dozens Dead

26 May 2017

2017/05/26 – Dozens dead as gunmen attack bus of Coptic Christians in Egypt – The Telegraph

At least 28 people, including many children, were massacred in Egypt on Friday when gunmen ambushed groups of Egyptian Christians traveling along a desert road towards a remote monastery.

The masked gunmen sprayed bullets into a minibus carrying children from a church group, killing at least six of them, according to Egyptian media. Christian activists said the attackers also boarded a bus and killed the men before robbing the women of their jewelry and phones and leaving Islamist leaflets among the bodies.

Records Released on Private Airport Security Tour for Somalis

15 Dec 2016

So, back in March, this occurred…

Prosecutors say member of alleged ISIL recruit’s defense team preached jihad

Some Somali guy was in court because he was preaching jihad. Way down deep in the article, is this…

Last month, Mohamud was uninvited from a behind-the-scenes security tour with about 50 imams and other members of the Muslim community at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. He has said he believed that action came in response to his critiques of Minnesota’s federal pilot project aimed at stemming terror recruitment.

Really?? Who does this?

Anyway – I bring this up today because Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information request which was posted today. Some of what was posted today was REDACTED… yet the Somali group had full access.

U.S. Customs, Homeland Security Records Reveal Somalis Given Security Briefings, ‘Community Engagement Tours’ in Secured Areas at Major U.S. Airports

Other revelations…

  • In addition to the Minneapolis Airport tours/briefings given to Somalis during 2014 and 2015 – and first revealed by Judicial Watch in August 2016 – tours of U.S. airports and security briefings also have been provided to other groups at airports in Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio: “Once we agree on the dates we will select the time based on prayer schedules. Another idea could be the roundtable to take place at the airport after the tour. We have done that before in LA and Columbus and it worked well both times”.
  • The timing of the Minneapolis Airport tour given to a group of Somalis in February 2016 was scheduled between 6-8pm because it would “accommodate prayer times well”
  • During the “annual” tour, federal authorities granted excursions of the facility’s “secure areas.” It is also noted that two parties in the previous year “did not pass vetting.”
  • The invitation extended to the Somalis for the Minneapolis Airport tour addressed them as “Dear Colleague,” and promised “walking people through CBP’s process, walking people through TSA’s process” and provide “a step-by-step tour of our operations, designed to offer a greater understanding of airport processes and procedures.”

Wait… what? Vetting? I thought they couldn’t be vetted properly.  Lots of questions, here…

Obama Plans To Visit Mosque With Questionable Intent

3 Feb 2016

Baltimore mosque set for Obama visit has controversial ties

Barack Obama is making his first presidential visit to a U.S. mosque on Wednesday, but the historic occasion is being overshadowed by criticism that the Baltimore-area center he chose has extremist ties.

The controversy centers around the Islamic Society of Baltimore’s former imam, who has ties not only to the Muslim Brotherhood but the Northern Virginia mosque where the radical Anwar al-Awlaki used to preach.

“As a Muslim American I’m just insulted, this is disgraceful that this is one of the mosques — or the mosque — that he’s chosen to visit,” Zuhdi Jasser, of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, told Fox News on Sunday. “This mosque is very concerning.”

Jasser says the Baltimore center is not the best representative of tolerance in the faith community. “[Obama] is visiting a mosque that [is] against our Muslim reform movement,” he charged. “Historically, as I said before, they are basically a radical, extreme mosque and is not representative of modern Muslims in America.”

This Islamic center had been previously monitored by the FBI as a breeding ground for terrorists, after arresting a member for plotting to blow up a federal building.

All of the mosques around the country and the president picks this one.

Saudi Arabia vs. Iran… Sunni Islam vs. Shiite Islam

4 Jan 2016

Saudi Arabia represents the Sunni Islamists, while Iran represents the Shiite Islamists. All other countries that are interested parties will take their cues from these two countries. Apparently their on and off relationship goes back to Mohammed and his death.

Iran and Saudi Arabia: The Showdown Between Islam’s Rival Powers

How Do Sunni and Shia Islam Differ?

So for awhile, they co-existed, but Saudi Arabia put to death some prominent Shiite Islamists, and now they are cutting off ties with each other.

Here’s what’s interesting – we kind of have our own Sunni versus Shia battle in America. Who were Bush’s friends? The Saudis. Who is in the White House with Obama? Iranian born Valerie Jarrett. It’s probably a big deal about nothing, but it gives food for thought.

Drawing Mohammed – Is It About Fun Or Free Speech?

3 Jan 2016

I am posting this as a counter to the “Islam Is No Fun” post. It is worth the read.

Why ‘Draw Mohammed’? The Artist Explains

Fawstin is the award-winning cartoonist thrust into international notoriety in May when he won a “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas — a contest that became the first terrorist target of the Islamic State on American soil.

In that vein, priority No. 1 has been pressuring the United States and its Western allies to stifle free expression, to supplant our free marketplace of ideas with Islam’s repressive blasphemy standards. This imperative has received a major boost from the Obama administration: from the president, who is sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment, and also from his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who would like to be the next to make a mockery of that solemn oath. Colluding with the Brotherhood and the OIC, Obama and Clinton sponsored United Nations Human Rights Resolution 16-18: a blatantly unconstitutional provision that calls on all member states to ban speech that could “incite” not just violence but “hostility” to Islam.

While fun and satirical humor are up front, the larger issue is the principle of free speech.