Afghanistan Casualties are up since 2009

31 Aug 2011

I believe it is safer to be in the military in wartime conditions under someone who wants to win the war rather than someone who doesn’t care about victory.

Exhibit A – Afghanistan

Casualties under Bush from 2001-2008 – 630
Casualties under Obama from 2009 – present – 1122

There is just not the same media scrutiny and attention as there was under the predecessor.


White House Insider Interviews

26 Aug 2011

Here’s some interviews I found with a person who seems to have inside, inside access at the highest levels.  He sounds like a Democrat who is trying to get Obama removed in order to save the country and the Democratic party.

The interviews are conducted by Ulsterman, and from what I have read, the “Insider” has been different people with high access at different times. The links below are from the same Insider.

This is must reading – not only for the information, but also to plan Campaign 2012 – which will be all about race, race, and more race – because that’s all he has that works.

I may comment on the content here and here as events occur, but for now here are the links. Beware, the language contains expletives.

White House Insider: The Obama Plan – Part One

White House Insider: The Obama Plan – Part Two

White House Insider: The Obama Plan – Part Three

Ninth Circuit Rules Against Dept. of VA – Court says “unchecked incompetence”

26 Aug 2011

Veterans Bitterly Disappointed by Obama

On May 11, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals took a stand for veterans that has been shameful years in coming. It ruled that the Department of Veterans Affairs has been violating the due process rights of veterans in denying them meaningful access to critically needed mental health care.

Stop right there. Ninth Circuit? That’s San Francisco – ruling against a government agency in a health care case. Denying access to health care. This must be pretty bad for them to make this type of ruling.

This past Tuesday, the Obama administration filed a motion to appeal that decision. Administration lawyers said the court had “wrested control of the V.A. from the politically accountable branches of government that are best-positioned to identify the needs of veterans and allocate scarce resources.”

Pretty lame stance.

OK pay attention here.

At the core of the Ninth Circuit’s opinion was the outrageous number of suicides among veterans. “On an average day, 18 veterans of our nation’s armed forces take their own lives. Of those, roughly one quarter are enrolled with the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system. Among all veterans enrolled in the V.A. system, an additional 1000 attempt suicide each month. Although the V.A. is obligated to provide veterans mental health services, many veterans with depression or post traumatic stress disorder are forced to wait weeks for mental health referrals and are given no opportunity to request or demonstrate their need for expedited care.” The court stated,”The V.A.’s unchecked incompetence has gone on long enough. No more veterans should be compelled to agonize or perish while the government fails to perform its obligations.”

There are countless stories of being denied disability after a 20-minute interview, being given pills rather than meaningful treatment, having to wait months to be assigned a therapist, having disability benefits arbitrarily terminated.

Seriously people. Government can’t even take care of this small group of people. If this is what they are doing now – what do you think will happen if they take over all of health care? Are they going to all of a sudden become proficient health care administrators? Heck no.

Just know in advance – this is what you can expect with government health care – or maybe worse.

Obama Searches for Anti-Perry Texans

24 Aug 2011

Obama team scouts for anti-Perry Texans

The Obama campaign team is asking Texans to share complaints about Gov. Rick Perry, and compiling the critiques for possible use in Perry-bashing ads and other material – a sure sign the president’s advisers are taking no chances.

“Your feedback will help hold him accountable on the campaign trail, inspire fellow Texans to get involved, and introduce his record — his actual record — to voters across the country,” Hector Nieto, the campaign’s Texas director, told Texas supporters by email blast today.

Gee, why doesn’t Obama run on his record?

When your own record sucks, you trash your opponent’s record.

Doesn’t help the economy… doesn’t improve the job situation…

Indiana State Rep. Hinkle Caught with Male Escort

24 Aug 2011

Email rendezvous entangles state Rep. Phillip Hinkle [Indy Star]

Emails shared with The Indianapolis Star suggest that state Rep. Phillip Hinkle — responding to a local posting on Craigslist — offered a young man $80 plus tip to spend time with him Saturday night at the JW Marriott hotel.

The emails, sent from Hinkle’s publicly listed personal address, ask the young man for “a couple hours of your time tonight” and offer him cash up front, with a tip of up to $50 or $60 “for a really good time.”

I’m not going to post anymore but the article greatly details the account of that evening between Hinkle, Gibson (the escort), Gibson’s sister, Hinkle’s wife and family.

The Gibsons were offered an iPad, a Blackberry, $100, and then $10,000 separately by the wife to the sister to keep quiet. In other words, the public official tried to buy compliance to cover one’s sins. Look at the last sentence of the article.

She soon got another call — from the Marriott hotel. It was Hinkle. Megan Gibson told Hinkle that she had informed his wife and family that he was gay.

Megan Gibson said Hinkle’s response was: “You just ruined me.”

No Mr. Hinkle, you ruined yourself – and in your own mind, you are trying to cover your sins.

Negative Twitter Posts Abound over Obama Bus Tour

24 Aug 2011

Obama bus tour ridiculed on Twitter [The Hill]

Obama’s Midwest tour last week prompted more criticism and ridicule than support on Twitter, according to this week’s Hill Hexagon.

An analysis of Twitter traffic by Crimson Hexagon over the days of the tour showed that 72 percent of the opinions expressed were negative, while 22 percent were neutral and only 6 percent were favorable.

Crimson Hexagon reviewed 47,645 mentions of the bus tour on Twitter, of which 38,185 expressed an opinion.

This is more powerful than any poll done by the media. Why? First, the amount of opinions taken into account is usually larger than 1,000 people polled over the phone. Second, the opinions are unsolicited. There are no leading questions. Heck, there are NO questions. So those that “tweet” are free to speak what’s on their mind.

What does this mean? People who are plugged in to what’s going on are not liking the bus tour. Extrapolate this to the election and it spells trouble. Obama will need many who do not pay attention to the issues or who are bought to vote for him in 2012.

Russian Spacecraft Crashes

24 Aug 2011

Russian cargo flight to space station crashes [Reuters]

“The cargo spacecraft Progress, which did not reach orbit, crashed on the territory of (Russia’s) Altai republic,” Interfax quoted a local law enforcement source as saying.