New Direction for News In Context

16 Feb 2017

I have been on and off with this site for years.  Hopefully I can do something more permanent.

I will be changing how I display the news.  With so much false information floating around, there needs to be some way to find out the truth in its proper context.  I have an idea on how to do the news differently, but just need to work out some details.

Much of the news out there today is not really news – but just speculation or opinion.  I like to get at the root of issues to obtain the truth of what is going on.  On thing Jesus Christ said is that the truth can set you free.  So it’s important to find truth.  What’s also true is that if the truth sets you free, then lies can put people into bondage through deception… not necessarily physical bondage, but emotional, spiritual, etc.

Anyway the site will be changing… also considering a move to the pay side.

Thanks for reading.