Obama Would Accept Iranian Civilian Nuclear Program

10 Apr 2012

First he sends messages to Vlad via the open mic, now this.

‘Obama signaled to Khamenei that U.S. could accept civilian nuclear program in Iran’

According to David Ignatius, the Washington Post’s senior columnist specializing in intelligence matters, Obama passed Khamenei the message through Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who visited Tehran this week.

Obama reportedly signaled Khamenei that the U.S. would be prepared to accept a civilian nuclear program in Iran, should the Iranian leader take steps that would support his public declarations in February, in which he said that Iran “would never develop nuclear weapons.

Obama met with Erdogan at the nuclear summit in South Korea for two hours and asked him to pass on the message to Khamenei. Obama told Erdogan that the Iranians must understand that time is running out on a solution for the Tehran nuclear problem and that they must take advantage of the negotiations that will begin with the six world powers on April 13.

It’s not a big deal that a civilian program would be accepted, but why the sneakiness?  What’s up here?


Mosques Springing Up in Italy

10 Apr 2012

This is for information to illustrate the process of the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood and Liberals (see last paragraph).

Italy: “Mosques Springing Up like Mushrooms”

More than 250 mosques across Italy have reached an agreement to create a new umbrella organization, the Italian Islamic Confederation (CII).

The CII will be controlled by Morocco, and will compete with an existing Muslim umbrella organization, the Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy (UCOII).

The UCOII, which is estimated to control 60% of the mosques in Italy, is closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since its founding in 1990, the UCOII has used its virtual monopoly over the mosques in Italy to spread its Islamist ideology over the 1.5 million Muslims in the country. The UCOII has also worked to become the main interlocutor between the Muslim community and the Italian state.

So Italy, realizing that this group is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood has put a moratorium on new Mosque construction. The CII is a front group to interact w/ the government and put a “peaceful” face on Islam with the goal of getting the moratorium rescinded. Also…

With the creation of the CII, Morocco is attempting to export to Italy a religious control strategy that is working very well in neighboring Spain, where the Moroccan government has been using an umbrella organization called the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities (FEERI), to exert control over the religious and cultural beliefs and practices of the nearly one million Moroccan immigrants who reside in Spain.

The last exerpt seems to be the goal of liberalism around the globe.

Many of the mosque projects in Italy are being promoted by leftwing politicians, who are waging an ideological war with the Roman Catholic Church. As in many other European countries, multiculturalists in Italy hope that by promoting Islam, they will eventually succeed in destroying the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

More Voter Fraud – Florida

10 Apr 2012

VIDEO: Illegal Alien Mass Voter Fraud Discovered in FL…

Fair and honest elections – a thing of the past.

While Obama is Concerned w/ ObamaCare, Our Neighbors are Getting Upset

10 Apr 2012

Source: Obama Alienates Canada And Mexico At Three Amigos

So the story from the press conference with Canada and Mexico is the ObamaCare/Supreme Court issue.

Left behind by the American media is that the neighbors are unhappy with Obama.

Canada’s National Post quoted former Canadian diplomat Colin Robertson as saying the North American Free Trade Agreement and the three-nation alliance it has fostered since 1994 have been so neglected they’re “on life support.”

Energy has become a searing rift between the U.S. and Canada and threatens to leave the U.S. without its top energy supplier.


The Winnipeg Free Press reported that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned Obama the U.S. will have to pay market prices for its Canadian oil after Obama’s de facto veto of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Until now, NAFTA had shielded the U.S. from having to pay global prices for Canadian oil. That’s about to change.

What about Mexico?

Excelsior of Mexico City reported that President Felipe Calderon bitterly brought up Operation Fast and Furious, a U.S. government operation that permitted Mexican drug cartels to smuggle thousands of weapons into drug-war-torn Mexico. This blunder has wrought mayhem on Mexico and cost thousands of lives.

The mainstream U.S. press has kept those questions out of the official press conferences, while Obama has feigned ignorance to the Mexicans and hasn’t even apologized.

So now we have unhappy neighbors on both sides of us. Our cost for energy from our top source is about to go up – which means it goes up for all of us.

This is turning into a real disaster. He seems to be more friendly w/ the Russians than our neighbors. Just gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn’t it??

Terrorist KSM To Receive Military Trial

5 Apr 2012

New Media Victory: No Civilian Trial for 9/11 Mastermind [Big Peace]

But today, the Department of Justice announced KSM will not see the inside of a civilian court. Instead, the DOD announced that charges against KSM and four other terrorists have been referred to a military commission, where the five will stand trial before a Military Commissions Judiciary, according the rules of the Military Commissions Act.

The case, “United States v. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Walid Muhammad Salih Mubarak Bin ‘Attash, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, and Mustafa Ahmed Adam al Hawsawi,” is now out of Holder’s incapable hands and moving forward “in accordance with Military Commissions rules and procedures.” All five men “will be arraigned at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”

Nice victory by the blogs and conservative media in holding the Administration accountable.

The quicker KSM is executed. the better. He’s admitted guilt. We’ve spent too much money that we don’t have on him already. Finish him off and move on.

Wish There Was More Time

5 Apr 2012

The work on the blog here is pretty sporadic, so I apologize.  There is too many things to do with the family, and not enough time.  I will try and be more consistent in supporting the site.