Budget Cuts for the SEIU

29 Dec 2016

SEIU plans 30 percent budget cut during Trump admin

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is planning to cut 30 percent of its budget by Jan. 1, 2018, the end of President-elect Donald Trump’s first year in office.

“Because the far right will control all three branches of the federal government, we will face serious threats to the ability of working people to join together in unions,” President Mary Kay Henry wrote in an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek.

The SEIU will begin with a 10 percent budget cut immediately at the start of 2017. The union’s current annual budget is $300 million.

It is simply amazing the shock waves resulting from the election.


Wisconsin Unions in Decline

14 Aug 2014

Since Gov. Walker’s reforms took place, union membership continue to decline.

Wisconsin public sector unions still losing members – Washington Examiner

Walker’s 2011 reforms ended the state’s practice of automatically deducting membership dues from public sector workers on behalf of their union. It also allowed those workers to opt out of being union members, required the unions to submit to annual recertification votes and limited collective bargaining to just wages.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Leadership Council 40
Membership 2011: 31,730
Membership 2014: 13,256

AFSCME Leadership Council 48
Membership 2011: 9,043
Membership 2014: 3,405

Total receipts in both cases have been cut in half.

Some Fast Food Workers Strike For Higher Wages

5 Dec 2013

Fast-food strikes return amid push for wage hikes

Fast-food workers and labor organizers are marching, waving signs and chanting in cities across the country Thursday amid a push for higher wages.

The industry competes aggressively on value offerings and companies have warned that they would need to raise prices if wages were hiked. Most fast-food locations are also owned and operated by franchisees, which lets companies such as McDonald’s Corp., Burger King Worldwide Inc. and Yum Brands Inc. say that they don’t control worker pay.

Fast-food workers have historically been seen as difficult to unionize, given the industry’s high turnover rates. But the Service Employees International Union, which represents more than 2 million workers in health care, janitorial and other industries, has been providing considerable organizational and financial support to the push for higher pay over the past year.

In a statement, McDonald’s said it respects the right to voice an opinion. But it also said that “outside groups are traveling to McDonald’s and other outlets to stage rallies.”

Camden, NJ Removes Unionized Cops; Crime Rates Now Decreasing

30 Nov 2013

Crime Rate in Camden, NJ Going Down After Unionized Police Force Sacked

Last year, the city of Camden decided to can its unionized police force in favor of ununionized county cops who hit the streets this April. The decision came about because the police union would not budge on the highly lucrative contract they had, even by police standards.

The city has been run exclusively by Democrats for several generations, and some local leaders openly worried that Camden, which already had the highest crime rate per capita last year, would get worse. But it hasn’t. In fact, crime’s gone down…

Over the summer months this year, the murder rate fell by 22 percent and crime overall was down 15 percent, according to data provided by Camden County officials.

The union contract included a 4 percent bonus for working the day shift, and a 10 percent bonus for starting at 9:30am.

The Democrats running the city came to realize the fiscal reality that is smacking them in the head – and they made the right choice.

Occupiers cost taxpayers $30 million in cleanup and other services

15 May 2012

Report: Occupy LA Costs Taxpayers $4.7 Million; Entire Movement Close to $30 Million

No problem – we have money laying around to foot the bill… don’t we?

Top cities
NY – $7M
LA – $4.7M
Oakland – $3M
San Diego – $2.4M
DC – $1.7M
Portland – $1.4M

Contract for the American Dream

9 Aug 2011

Contract for the American Dream

This is the Progressive Version to the Contract for America back in the 1990s.

Apparently they canvassed the country in soliciting and reviewing ideas and this is what they came up with for improving the economy. There are general ideas and goals – but no specifics that I noted.

I don’t think there is anything new here, but it’s all put together in one presentation.

I may go thru bits and pieces of this in the near future, but suffice it to say that I don’t think it would help our economy.

SEIU Launches Republican PAC in California

14 Jun 2011

SEIU California launches Republican PAC to back moderates

One of California’s largest labor unions today advanced a plan intended to result in the election of more moderate Republicans.

By creating a Republican political action committee, Service Employees International Union California officials say they hope to help send people from right-leaning areas to Sacramento who put practical solutions in front of strict conservative thinking.

Smart on their part. The fact that they believe they can pull this off is indicative of how far left California has turned.