Remember the Michigan Militia – Charges Dropped After 2 years

27 Mar 2012


Last of Nine Alleged Cop-Killing Plotters Arrested [ABC News, 2010/03/29]

The anti-government militia allegedly plotted to kill law enforcement officers with improvised explosive devices and projectiles before being foiled by FBI raids that started Sunday in three states that netted nine members of an extremist group, federal authorities said today.


Critical charges dropped against Michigan militia [KY Post]

A federal judge dismissed the most serious charges Tuesday against seven members of a Michigan militia who were rounded up as homegrown extremists accused of plotting war against the U.S., saying their expressed hatred of law enforcement didn’t amount to conspiracy against the government.

The decision is an embarrassment for the government, which secretly planted an informant and an FBI agent inside the Hutaree militia four years ago and claimed members were armed for war in rural southern Michigan.

Today, we have the Martin/Zimmerman case where the press sets the narrative while facts are still being uncovered.

Back then, the militia was just guilty – hated Obama – hated big government – a buncha rabid right wing Republicans and Christian terrorists. The press goes in and does a personal hit job on these people with minimal facts in an attempt to sway public opinion.

They are innocent… not guilty. How much press coverage will this get?


Ex-Gay Man Becomes Deacon

27 Mar 2012

Ex-Gay Becomes Deacon at Local Church [Christian Post]

Eight years ago he was involved in a romantic relationship with another man, and he thought that relationship would bring him happiness, but after about a year he realized it had become stale and unfulfilling.

“One day it dawned on me that … the most important thing in my life is my relationship with God. And I realized I didn’t have that anymore. I had lost it in my 20s and I wanted it. And I also realized to get that back I had to end this relationship,” he said.

There has been the debate whether people are born gay or not. Let’s assume this guy was born with same sex attractions. This is how it should be handled if you value your relationship with God. You realize that the lifestyle hinders the relationship, and it has to be cut off.

Hezbollah Inside of U.S.

27 Mar 2012

‘Hundreds’ of ‘Soldiers of Hezbollah’ Inside the U.S., Says Homeland Security Chairman [CNS News]

At a Wednesday hearing, House Homeland Security Chairman Pete King (R.-N.Y.) said that “at a minimum” there are hundreds of “soldiers of Hezbollah” inside the United States.

“Now, how many Iranian and Hezbollah terrorists are here already?” said King. “The highly-disciplined soldiers of Hezbollah are trained to lie low for years, or for decades. Those who have gone up against this enemy for our government estimate the number to be at a minimum–at a minimum–in the hundreds.”

At the same hearing, the former chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration testified that Mexican drug cartels are in “very close contact” with Hezbollah, Hamas and al Qaeda.

God’s judgment is at the door. Judgment for what? The rampant sin of this country – both individually and institutionally… by the rich and the poor… by all races and classes… by saved and unsaved people. Sin is supported by law in this country. At some point, God will have enough and the U.S. will be judged using foreign invasions as has happened in the past. If God allowed His chosen people (Israel) to be judged, He will have no problem punishing the U.S. for its sin.

However, there is still time for mass prayer and repentance to take place similar to what happened to Nineveh in Jonah’s day.

In Context: Martin v Zimmerman and Race Relations

27 Mar 2012

2012/03/27Black Panther leader offering reward for capture of Trayvon Martin shooter arrested on charges he’s felon who had a firearm [Fox News]
2012/03/27Focus in Trayvon Martin case shifts to Washington [CNN/Click Orlando]
2012/03/26Trayvon Martin shooting: New details emerge from Twitter account, witness testimony [Yahoo News]
2012/03/26Suspended THREE times for drugs, truancy and graffiti and ‘caught carrying a burglary tool’ [Daily Mail U.K.]
2012/03/26Mother Seeks Trayvon Martin Trademarks [The Smoking Gun]
2012/03/26Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton and Jackson of ‘exploiting’ Trayvon Martin [Daily Caller]
2012/03/25Trayvon Martin Killing: George Zimmerman’s Attorney and Friend Speak Out [ABC]
2012/03/24Group offers $10,000 to ‘capture’ Trayvon Martin’s killer [NY Daily News]
2012/03/24Arrest for death threat to Sanford police chief [CBS News]
2012/03/22Police chief in “Stand Your Ground” killing steps down – [Orlando Sentinel]
2012/03/21Author of “stand your ground” law: George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon Martin [CBS News]
2012/03/16The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin [NY Times]
2012/03/15George Zimmerman’s father: My son is not racist, did not confront Trayvon Martin [Orlando Sentinel]
2012/03/12Family demands justice in deadly Sanford shooting of teen [WFTV 9 News]
2012/03/08Neighborhood watch leader who fatally shot teen not arrested; family files suit [WFTV 9 News]

EPA Loses Case with Unanimous Supreme Court Decision

23 Mar 2012

EPA Gets Epic Smackdown from Supreme Court [Fiscal Times]

When Mike and Chantell Sackett bought land in Idaho zoned for residential construction and acquired the necessary permits for building a home, they believed their dream of owning a custom-made house would become a reality. Instead, the EPA sent the Sacketts into a five-year nightmare of regulatory war over the supposed status of their lot as a wetland, and demanded that the Sacketts entirely undo their work on the land to comply with the Clean Water Act.

The Sacketts tried to appeal but were threatened with fines of up to $37,500 per day, and when they tried to go to court to appeal that, they discovered that the EPA had to allow them to go to court. The Sacketts sued in federal court, and yesterday finally prevailed in a unanimous Supreme Court decision that has far-reaching implications for the EPA and overreaching government intrusion.

Anytime you get a unanimous decision from the high court against a government agency, there is some devious regulating occurring.

Dept. of Defense Networks Compromised

23 Mar 2012

Experts Tell Senate: Government Networks Owned, Resistance Is Futile [Threat Post]

Network security experts from across the U.S. government told a U.S. Senate Armed Services Subcommittee Tuesday that federal networks have been thoroughly penetrated by foreign spies, and that current perimeter-based defenses that attempt to curb intrusions are outdated and futile.

Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities the experts told the assembled Senators that the U.S. government needed to abandon the notion that it could keep outsiders off its computer networks.

So while the government can’t protect itself from foreign spies, Dept. of Homeland Security is attempting to get the authority to protect private citizens from the dangers of the internet.  Yeah, right.

Here’s another discomforting thought…

Finally, the U.S. education system is failing to produce the number people with the advanced skills and degrees that are needed.

Not a surprise, but admitting the problem is part of the solution.

Obama Admin Defunds Texas Program Serving Low Income Women

23 Mar 2012

Obama’s War On Women: No Health Care For You! [Investors Business Daily]

President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services has withdrawn $30 million worth of funding from a Texas Medicaid program that provides health care services for low-income women.

It did so because Texas recently passed a law that said its Women’s Health Program could not disperse funds to abortion and contraception providers such as Planned Parenthood.

WHP provides health services to 130,000 low-income women. Of the more than 1,000 certified WHP providers across the state, the Texas law excludes fewer than 100 Planned Parenthood providers. Yet the Obama administration is willing to cut off all the other providers and all the women who receive health care through them in pursuit of its ideological agenda.

So is he interested in women’s health or controlling states via blackmail?