“Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na Na. Hey Hey Hey. Goodbye.” – RIP

26 Oct 2011

Paul Leka, co-writer of ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,’ dies

Paul Leka, 68, a composer who co-wrote and produced “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” died of lung cancer Oct. 12 in a hospice near his home in Sharon, Conn., said his sister, Evelyn Kreta.

YOU TUBE: Steam: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Leka, 1969)


In Context: U.S. Troops & Advisors to Uganda

20 Oct 2011

Just keeping tabs on a possible story on the sending of troops and advisors to Uganda. Seems that there is a $10 billion investment to Tullow Oil that is pending – so this group may be sent with regards to that deal.

2011.10.19 – U.S. deploys Special Forces, military ‘advisers’ to Central Africa [Workers World]
2011.10.18 – Uganda to start refining its own oil in 2014 [The Standard, Kenya]
2011.01.11 – Tullow Says Oil Production in Uganda to Start in 2012 [Bloomberg]
2010.02.18 – Uganda needs $8 billion to develop oil industry [Energy-pedia News]

In Context – Occupy Wall Street

8 Oct 2011

How will the working public deal with these protests? Counter-protest? Ignore?

2011.11.16 – Inside story of why Mike finally had to act
2011.11.16 – Conditions just ‘offal’
2011.10.07 – White House feeds off protest anger [Financial Times]
2010.10.06 –

Saudi Tries on Open Exit Door During Flight

7 Oct 2011

Mid-air terror as Saudi Arabian student is wrestled from cabin after trying to open door

A young Saudi Arabian man was questioned by police after he created panic on a commercial flight by trying to open the exit door while the plane was still in mid-air.

Passengers aboard American Eagle flight 4305 from New York to Indianapolis rushed to pull Abdulaziz Mubarak Alshammari, 20, away from the door and return him to his seat.

Stay alert – we are going to have to deal with these instances on our own for awhile.