Japan CCTV Cameras and App Reduces Shoplifting

27 Jun 2018

AI security cameras coming to stores in Japan, reduce shoplifting by 40 percent – SoraNews 24, 2018/05/31

A recent study by telecom giant NTT found that Japanese businesses lose around 400 billion yen (US$3.7B) annually through five-fingered discounts. No store is immune to this larceny, except perhaps anvil shops, and technology has yet to come up with a strong enough solution to effectively combat it, until now.

The way it works is simple. The camera watches the store interior and identifies all the humans inside as they walk about. AI Guardman is aware of the different techniques commonly used by shoplifters in different types of stores, such as looking for blindspots in supermarkets or constantly checking one’s surroundings in bookstores.

If one shopper exhibits motions and postures typical of a shoplifter in that type of store, an alert will be sent to the clerk’s smartphone telling them the location and a photo of the suspect.

A good use of technology.


Woman Gets Jailtime For Falsely Reporting Rape

26 Jun 2018

Woman who lied about being raped on college campus gets jail – MLive, 2018/06/19

Despite previously indicating he wouldn’t do so, a Bay County judge sent a woman to jail for making up a story about being raped in a Delta College parking lot.

Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran on Monday, June 18, sentenced 21-year-old Mary T. Zolkowski to 45 days in jail, with no credit for any time served. Once Zolkowski serves her term, she’ll be on probation for two years, during which she is to be tested for drugs and alcohol and participate in substance abuse counseling.

Good. It’s time to increase the risk for those who report false crimes.

Here’s a running list of false reports of crimes.

Fake Hate Crimes Database

Boston Police Captain’s Son Arrested for Terror Plot

22 May 2018

Boston police captain’s son pleads guilty to terrorist bomb plot – Boston Globe, 2018/05/21

The son of a Boston police captain pleaded guilty Monday to plotting to use guns and homemade bombs to attack a college campus to support the Islamic State group, three years after his arrest after his father alerted the FBI.

Ciccolo was arrested in July 2015 after he received four guns he ordered from a person who was cooperating with the FBI. Boston police Capt. Robert Ciccolo tipped off authorities after his son said he wanted to join the Islamic State group.

Ciccolo, 25, was initially charged only with being a felon in possession of a firearm and stabbing a nurse in the head with a pen after he was brought to jail. But he was later indicted on attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.

Ciccolo, who went by the name Ali Al Amriki, pleaded guilty to all charges. His lawyer did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

I don’t think he went to the Middle East.

We need to curb their online footprint.

The FBI is not going to get everybody ahead of time.

Thank goodness the dad turned him in. Mom assumed her son was an angel.

Why Are Children Shooting At School… Because They Are Children

18 May 2018

Another school shooting occurred today… this one about 40 minutes from my residence. If you want the details, you can go here.

Timeline: How the deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School unfolded – ABC, 2018/05/18

Whenever one of these events happen, discussions often head towards gun safety and gun control. Maybe, mental illness is included in the discussion. I think we are missing the prime reason these occurrences continue happening… they are children.

For those of you old enough to remember, how much were you exposed to adult situations? Most parents back then protected their children from what situations, and what information they took in. Why? Because they were children – and they didn’t have the maturity to process adult situations. Generally speaking, we didn’t see R-rated movies. We weren’t exposed to non-stop sex. We weren’t exposed to information on making a bomb or an assault rifle.

Today with social media, cable television, and other entertainment, kids have access to everything at their fingertips. Let me rephrase that. Children now have access to the adult world at their fingertips… and guess what? They still don’t have the maturity to deal with adult situations. They don’t understand the weight of their actions. The best and most frequent example that occurs are when teens have sex and get pregnant. The culture hypes up all kind of sexual activity through music, television, movies, and pornography. Kids have access to this material. They can see it on television every day. I remember during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal that middle schoolers began engaging in oral sex. That’s how influential this type of exposure can be. The problem is that they don’t have the maturity to understand the ramifications of becoming pregnant and having a child. The truth is that they are not supposed to understand… because they are children.

Kids don’t understand the weight of ending someone’s life. They don’t understand the pain that the family and surrounding community incurs. Like sex, violence is easily accessible for children. In many movies or television shows, violence is the means to problem solving. In real life, kids are exposed to real life violent situations, and it shapes how they think and how they solve problems. So now when kids are bullied in school, what’s the solution? More and more often, it’s violence.

When we see violence on television, or in a movie, or in a video game – we see the act, and then it’s over. The mess is cleaned up in an hour long TV drama, or a two hour movie. We don’t see the grief that follows for years from the family. We don’t see the life altering injuries of the survivors. We don’t see the months of rehab just to put one foot in front of the other. And that’s not even considering the associated medical costs. Kids have no idea of any of these real life adult issues.

So I expect the shootings to continue, because kids are still being exposed to adult situations which they can’t properly process. If you try and limit the exposure through regulations, there will be cries of censorship. The only answer is with the parents. Parents should control and monitor what their kids take in – especially when they are young. It should start on day 1 of their life. If you want to start getting control of the next generation… if you want to start preventing school violence, it’s not the guns – it’s their minds and spirits that must be cleaned up – and it starts at home.

In Depth Account on the Attempted Mass Murder of Government Officials

14 May 2018

The recounts the story of the shooting at the Republican baseball practice almost two years ago where U.S. Rep Steve Scalise and others nearly lost their lives.

How The Congressional Baseball Shooting Didn’t Become The Deadliest Political Assassination In American History – Buzzfeed, 2018/05/14

California Police Detain Suspect in School Shooting

11 May 2018

Police respond to reports of shootings at two different schools in Palmdale, California – UK Telegraph, 2018/05/11

Police in California were called to two different schools in the town Palmdale on Friday morning following reports of two separate shootings.

The alarm was raised at Highland high school in Palmdale, 60 miles north of Los Angeles, at around 7am local time.

One person was shot in the arm, and was taken to hospital in a stable condition.

Police were then called to Manzanita elementary school at around 7:30am, for what Los Angeles county sheriff said appeared to be a false alarm.

The two schools are around seven miles apart.

A man is in custody in connection with the Highland high school incident, LA county sheriff’s office said.

They described him as a Hispanic juvenile male. A gun was found on the scene.


PA: Exchange Student Arrested… Possessed 1,600 Rounds of Ammo

4 Apr 2018

Police: Exchange student accused of shooting plot had over 1,600 rounds of ammunitionCBS, 2018/04/03

Police say a foreign exchange student who was arrested on suspicion of threatening to shoot up his school had built a gun and had over 1,600 rounds of ammunition, CBS Philadelphia reports. An Tso Sun — an 18-year-old foreign exchange student from Taiwan who was studying at Monsignor Bonner Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School — had hundreds of rounds for an AR-15, an AK-47 and a 9 mm handgun he built himself from parts purchased online. The parts are virtually untraceable.

Sun was allegedly planning to unleash carnage on the school on May 1. Court records show he told a classmate about the possible attack, who in turn blew the lid off the plan once he alerted a school employee.

Good job by all involved… especially the classmate who told the school authorities.

I am going to say this slowly… No guns were removed from law abiding citizens in the arrest of this individual. No discussion of gun control legislation was necessary.

It just took a classmate who responded to evil, and authorities that did their job (which did not occur in FL).

Also – if the TV media that uses kids in times of chaos to push an agenda… if they are really interested in helping the issue – then push this story – and let those thinking about committing these crimes know that people are on their case – and they will be punished.