Going on a Cruise? … Beware

8 Mar 2018

More cruise ships than ever are flunking health inspections – NY post, 2018/03/07

A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that 15 ships out of 250 failed crucial health checks.

This is a steep rise on 2016 when just four ships failed checks and amounts to six percent of cruise ships.

The body’s public health inspections check the cleanliness of each ship’s water, the preparation of food, pest control, the health and hygiene of employees, and the measures to stop disease breaking out on board.

Ships failed tests for several reasons, such as crew members working with contagious bugs like gastroenteritis.

Five of Carnival Cruise Lines’ ships failed checked – their liners sail to destinations like the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Mexico.


Think You Want To Make A Career on YouTube… Think Again

5 Mar 2018

‘Success’ on YouTube Still Means a Life of Poverty – Bloomberg, 2018/02/27

96.5 percent of all of those trying to become YouTubers won’t make enough money off of advertising to crack the U.S. poverty line, according to research by Mathias Bärtl, a professor at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg.

Breaking into the top 3 percent of most-viewed channels could bring in advertising revenue of about $16,800 a year, Bärtl found in an analysis for Bloomberg News.

The top 1 percent of creators garnered from 2.2 million to 42.1 million views per month in 2016, Bärtl’s research shows. Those top-tier performers often earn side money through sponsorships or other deals, so calculating their earnings is more complicated.

YouTube’s ad rates are opaque and have changed over time, but Bärtl used an income of $1 per 1,000 views for an average YouTuber to calculate his earnings estimates. That rate is a good rule of thumb, said Harry Hugo of the Goat Agency, an influencer marketing firm in London. “I’ve seen as low as 35¢ per 1,000 views and work with some YouTubers who can earn $5 per 1,000,” he said.

News millennials can use…

‘My 600-Lb. Life’ star Robert Buchel dies while filming the TLC series

2 Mar 2018

‘My 600-Lb. Life’ star Robert Buchel dies while filming the TLC series – NY Daily News, 2018/03/01

A participant on the TLC reality series “My 600-Lb. Life” became the first cast member to die during filming in an episode that aired Wednesday.

Robert Buchel’s lifelong battle with obesity was chronicled for season six of the hit series, and viewers watched in heartbreaking detail how Buchel steadily improved by shedding more than 200 pounds before ultimately suffering a fatal heart attack in November at age 41.

Apparently he had an undisclosed addiction to painkillers that complicated issues.


Eminem Tried To Stoke Feud with Trump to Sell Records

2 Jan 2018

So if you have been following this for the past months, rapper Eminem has been goading President Trump with a rap he made. Of course, Trump is known for responding to people who have criticized him. However, Trump has not responded to Eminem’s song. So in the past month, Eminem has publicly become frustrated that Trump has not responded to his rap record. But with the news below, now it all makes sense. He is trying to stoke a feud with Trump to sell records. Trump did not take the bait.


Eminem’s new album is pretty bad–and the sales are showing it.

According to HipHopDX, Eminem’s new album — titled “Revival” — “is expected to move 250,000 to 260,000 units (sale plus streaming) with 180,000 to 190,000 coming in pure album sales.”

Those numbers aren’t too shabby, but they’re a huge drop from the numbers the rap star used to do.

He kicked off his promotion for the album with an anti-Trump rap freestyle that included lines about (not) dumping an “awfully hot coffee pot” on President Trump and making fun of people who voted for him, using a mock Southern accent while in a parking garage surrounded by random people.


Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Hey – RIP

29 Jun 2017


Gary’s close friend, Pat Horgan, tells us the singer died in hospice care in Connecticut. He had lung cancer, which spread all over his body. Horgan says Gary’s wife was by his side when he passed.

One of the iconic songs of all time.


Refreshing Old TV Sit-Coms

19 Dec 2016

Norman Lear Sitcoms ‘All in the Family,’ ‘The Jeffersons’ Being Eyed by Sony for Reboots

Sony Pictures Television is in very early stages of rebooting several classic sitcoms from TV legend Norman Lear as miniseries — including “All in the Family,” “The Jeffersons,” and “Good Times” — Variety has learned exclusively.

The idea currently being discussed by Lear and Sony executives would be to have new actors recreate classic episodes of the shows, working from the original scripts, and package them as short, six-episode anthologies. The scripts would be treated similar to plays being mounted in new productions.

“There is some talk about doing some of the original shows, redoing them with today’s stars,” Lear told Variety. “There is a possibility that we’ll do ‘All in the Family,’ ‘Maude,’ ‘The Jeffersons,’ “Good Times.’”

Interesting… I wonder what the driving motivation is for this. If you are familiar with the shows mentioned, they all have a similar underlying theme (not the main theme)… racial tension. Also, with the exception of Maude, all of those shows have strong men with strong opinions. Maude could fit in that category as well because she had strong opinions.

Hopefully my instincts are wrong and we will not continue to turn the clock back on racial relations.