Link to the Nunes Memo

2 Feb 2018

Courtesy of Raw Story and Scribd.


After reading the whole thing through, this is what I get.

  • Steele was paid $160K by Clinton as the DNC to create a reason to spy and wiretap a volunteer staffer with the Trump campaign. The fact that he was paid is not in the paperwork, but everyone kinda knew.
  • Steele referenced a Yahoo article in the FISA application – in which he provided the source info – and then pretended it was info from someone else.  He was fired as an FBI source because of this.
  • The rest of the memo details Steele’s (and others’) deep interest in Trump losing the election.

Those are the main points to me. It was a politically motivated and financed witch hunt to smear Trump.

There’s probably more there when you start piecing together all of the periphery players involved.


Transcript – State of the Union 2018

1 Feb 2018

Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech 2018: full transcript – UK Telegraph, 2018/01/31

Transcript: Trump’s New Travel Ban Order

6 Mar 2017

Text for Executive Order replacing the Jan. 27 order that has been tied up in the federal courts after a series of lawsuits.

Here’s the new full text of President Trump’s travel ban executive orderUSA Today