Transcript: Mattis, Dunford on Coalition Strikes Against Syria

17 Apr 2018

Full Transcript: Briefing By Secretary Mattis On U.S. Strikes In SyriaThe Pavlovic Today, 2018/04/14

At 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, French, British and U.S. forces struck targets in Syria in support of President Trump’s objective to deter the future use of chemical weapons. Our forces were integrated throughout the planning and execution of the operation.

The targets that were struck and destroyed were specifically associated with the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program. We also selected targets that would minimize the risk to innocent civilians.

The first target was a scientific research center located in the greater Damascus area. This military facility was a Syrian center for the research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological warfare technology.

The second target was a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs. We assessed that this was the primary location of Syrian sarin and precursor production equipment.

The third target, which was in the vicinity of the second target, contained both a chemical weapons equipment storage facility and an important command post.

Before we take questions, I’d like to address how this evening’s strike were qualitatively and quantitatively different than 2017. Last year we conducted a unilateral strike on a single site. The focus was on the aircraft associated with the Syrian chemical weapons attack in April of 2017.

This evening we conducted strikes with two allies on multiple sites that will result in a long-term degradation of Syria’s capability to research, develop and employ chemical and biological weapons. Important infrastructure was destroyed, which will result in a setback for the Syrian regime. They will lose years of research and development data, specialized equipment and expensive chemical weapons precursors.

The strike was not only a strong message to the regime that their actions were inexcusable, but it also inflicted maximum damage, without unnecessary risk to innocent civilians.


Link to the Nunes Memo

2 Feb 2018

Courtesy of Raw Story and Scribd.


After reading the whole thing through, this is what I get.

  • Steele was paid $160K by Clinton as the DNC to create a reason to spy and wiretap a volunteer staffer with the Trump campaign. The fact that he was paid is not in the paperwork, but everyone kinda knew.
  • Steele referenced a Yahoo article in the FISA application – in which he provided the source info – and then pretended it was info from someone else.  He was fired as an FBI source because of this.
  • The rest of the memo details Steele’s (and others’) deep interest in Trump losing the election.

Those are the main points to me. It was a politically motivated and financed witch hunt to smear Trump.

There’s probably more there when you start piecing together all of the periphery players involved.

Transcript – State of the Union 2018

1 Feb 2018

Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech 2018: full transcript – UK Telegraph, 2018/01/31

Transcript: Trump’s New Travel Ban Order

6 Mar 2017

Text for Executive Order replacing the Jan. 27 order that has been tied up in the federal courts after a series of lawsuits.

Here’s the new full text of President Trump’s travel ban executive orderUSA Today