Israel Strikes Chemical Weapons Factory in Syria

7 Sep 2017

2017-09-07 – Israel’s airstrike message to Syria, Iran, and the US – Washington Examiner

On Thursday, Israel launched an airstrike on a Syrian regime factory at Masyaf, approximately 10 miles west of Hama (which Assad’s father once destroyed). The former chief of Israel’s Aman intelligence service tweeted that the factory was used to produce chemical weapons and precision ground-to-ground rockets.


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Per Susan Rice…

We were able to find a solution that didn’t necessitate the use of force that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria, in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished. Our aim in contemplating the use of force following the use of chemical weapons in August of 2013 was not to intervene in the civil war, not to become involved in the combat between Assad and the opposition, but to deal with the threat of chemical weapons by virtue of the diplomacy that we did with Russia and with the Security Council. We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.

Well – not so much…


Obama Now Attempting to Remove Netanyahu

29 Apr 2010

World Tribune – Bibi be gone: Obama team plotting overthrow of Israel’s Netanyahu

The administration of President Barack Obama has launched what officials termed a psychological warfare campaign meant to topple Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sources in the administration and Congress asserted that the White House and State Department have sought to destabilize Netanyahu’s government by forcing him to agree to an indefinite freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and most of Jerusalem as well as the establishment of a Palestinian state by 2012. They said the campaign sought to replace Netanyahu with opposition leader and former foreign minister Tsipi Livni.

In April 2010, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk began a series of attacks on Netanyahu in the Israeli media. Indyk, a former assistant secretary of state under then-President Bill Clinton, has called for the toppling of Netanyahu while his right-wing partners accept a more pliant prime minister.

“Indyk was sent by Obama and encouraged by his American Jewish supporters, particularly [former Rep.] Robert Wexler, to do this,” the source said.

In January 2010, Wexler resigned from Congress to become head of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation. The center was founded by Obama supporter Daniel Abraham and a delegation met Netanyahu in February.

Obama obviously is not getting what he wants from Netanyahu, so he must go. How far will Pres. Obama will go to remove him?