REPORT: Flu Deaths from 1996-2007

26 Aug 2010

Estimates of Deaths Associated with Seasonal Influenza — United States, 1976–2007

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Flu Deaths Usually Over-estimated

26 Aug 2010

Figures on flu deaths are misleading, usually too high, CDC says

Flu deaths have ranged from 3,300 to 50,000 from 1976 to 2007. The average is around 23,000 deaths, instead of the 36,000 deaths that is proclaimed.

In those 30 years, 90% of flu deaths occurred at the age of 65 and older. 1% of deaths occurred in people under 19.

Accused Identity Thief Nabbed in New York

26 Aug 2010

Ballsy 500G theft

Iguosade Osahon, 28, of Brooklyn, is accused of stealing 750 identities and $500,000. He is pleading not guilty.

The accused is said to have purchased the data from illegal data traffickers online, and then requested credit reports from reputable companies, which gave him illegal knowledge of financial transaction data.

China Reduces Investment in the U.S.

26 Aug 2010

China `Marginalizes’ U.S. as Investments Plunge, Heritage Foundation Says

China has reduced its non-bond investments into the U.S. by 47 percent to $1.6 billion. China is increasing its non-bond investments in Europe and other countries in North and South America.

Uranium Smugglers Arressted in Moldova

26 Aug 2010

US hails arrest of uranium smugglers in Moldova

Three men were arrested in Moldova with 1.8 kg of uranium-238 for $11 million in Chisinau, Moldova’s capital. The amount of uranium is not close to assembling a nuclear or dirty bomb.

Questionable Afghans on the CIA Payroll

26 Aug 2010

CIA Payments Linked to Karzai Aide in Corruption Probe

Mohammed Zia Salehi is an aide to Afghan President Hamid Karzai. He is also on the CIA payroll. He was arrested in July and released on Karzai’s behalf.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of the Afghan president, has also been on the CIA payroll. He has been accused of dealing drugs with the Taliban and other tribal warlords.

Why are we dealing with all of this corruption?

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Mohammed Zia Salehi, a key figure in the country’s corruption investigation and an aide to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, is on the CIA payroll.

According to the NYT report, it’s not clear what Salehi does to earn his CIA money or what, if any, involvement the CIA has in Salehi’s allegedly corrupt activities. He was arrested in July but released through Karzai’s intervention. The Afghan president’s brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, has been on the CIA payroll according to U.S. officials and has been accused of accused of gaining power via the drug trade and making deals with tribal warlords and Taliban fighters.

BP Blowout Preventer Not Certified

26 Aug 2010

Rig worker: Device that failed in Gulf spill not recertified, as required

A critical device at the center of an investigation into the Gulf oil rig explosion didn’t undergo a rigorous recertification process in 2005 as required by federal regulators, a worker responsible for maintaining the equipment told investigators Wednesday.

Mark Hay of rig-owner Transocean said the blowout preventer — designed to prevent a spill in the case of an explosion — was not recertified because it was being constantly maintained. Recertifying the five-story device requires completely disassembling it out of the water and can take as long as three months to complete.