Before Renting AirBNB Properties, Check for Smoke Alarms

Asking this question before you book an Airbnb could save your lifeNY Post, 2018/05/09

Most people may want answers to questions like, “Do you have Wi-Fi and cable?” And, “How big is your kitchen?” Or, “How far are you from the subway station?” But a new study suggests they should also ask, “Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm, smoke alarm and first-aid kit?” It’s not the first thing people might think of asking when booking a vacation rental. Airbnb can be a cheaper alternative to a hotel room in many cases, but a new study says homes often lack the fire safety standards found in most hotels.

Less than half of the listings on the lodging platform have fire extinguishers or first-aid kits, and just 56% have carbon monoxide alarms. The percentage of Airbnb rentals with fire extinguishers ranged from 29 percent in New York City to more than 70 percent in Austin, Texas. Portland, Ore. was the only city in the sample to have first-aid kits in more than half of Airbnb venues.

You get the idea. Also, you may want to read up on liability as well.


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