Cyberattack Hits UK Hospitals, Spreads Across The Globe

As of June 12, the culprits behind this seem to originate from South China or North Korea, and have netted approximately $100,000 or so in paid ransoms. The cyber attack hit many health care facilities in 150 countries.

2017/05/25 – Linguistic Analysis of WannaCry Ransomware Messages Suggests Chinese-Speaking Authors – Flashpoint

2017/05/23 – Cybersleuths Unearth More Clues Linking WannaCry to North Korea – Bloomberg

2017/05/23 – Sony hackers ‘highly likely’ responsible for WannaCry ransomware attack: Report – Washington Times

2017/05/22 – WannaCry: Ransomware attacks show strong links to Lazarus group – Symantec

2017/05/16 – Focus Turns to North Korea Sleeper Cells as Possible Culprits in Cyberattack – NY Times

2017/05/16 – Less than $70,000 paid in ‘ransomware’ cyberattack –

2017/05/16 – Meet the 22-year-old tech whiz who cracked global cyberattack – NY Post

2017/05/13 – Microsoft issues ‘highly unusual’ Windows XP patch to prevent massive ransomware attack – The Verge

2017/05/12 – A massive cyberattack attack using leaked NSA exploits has hit 74 countries and it’s still spreading – Business Insider


2017/05/12 – Russian-linked cyber gang Shadow Brokers blamed for NHS computer hack – The Telegraph

2017/05/12 – Massive ransomware attack hits 74 countries – CNN Money

2017/05/12 – Identified ransomware attack affecting Windows systems – Centro Criptologico Nacional (original in Spanish)

2017/05/12 – Trump Orders Preparation for Electric Grid Cyber Attacks – Washington Free Beacon

2017/05/12 – Major cyberattack hits more than a dozen British health institutions – USA Today

2017/05/12 – Major cyberattack plunges NHS into chaos, closing hospitals and cancelling operations – Business Insider

2017/05/12 – Cyberattacks in 12 Nations Said to Use Leaked N.S.A. Hacking Tool – NY Times

2017/05/12 – What We Know and Don’t Know About the International Cyberattack – NY Times

2017/05/12 – Cyberattack across Europe closes hospitals, disrupts phone service – Washington Times

2017/05/12 – NHS cyber-attack: GPs and hospitals hit by ransomware – BBC

2017/05/12 – Weekend operations CANCELLED across Lincolnshire during NHS cyber attack – Lincolnshire Live

2017/05/12 – Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust hit by cyber attack threatening to delete NHS files – Hampshire Chronicle

2017/05/12 – What is ‘WanaCrypt0r 2.0’ ransomware and why is it attacking the NHS? – The Guardian


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