Labor Numbers for April 2016

U.S. Economy Gains 160,000 Jobs In April; Unemployment Rate Holds Steady

The U.S. economy added 160,000 jobs in April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its monthly report. That’s significantly fewer than analysts had projected.

As NPR’s Chris Arnold told our Newscast unit ahead of the release: “Analysts are predicting a gain of about 200,000 jobs for April. The economy’s been averaging some 250,000 more jobs a month over the past 6 months.”

The BLS report revised February’s gains downward, to 233,000 from 245,000. March’s gains were also revised downward, to 208,000 from 215,000. In total, that’s 19,000 fewer jobs than initially reported.

The last caption is the last statement in the article. So those reported numbers back where higher than originally stated. Do you know what those revision did? If you balance the 160,000 jobs gained in April, and note that previous months were revised 19,000 downward – the job growth would have been only 141,000. So they are definitely goosing the numbers.


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