2016 State of the Union Transcript and Comments

Obama’s Final State Of The Union: Full Replay And Transcript

In his intro, he states…

Our unique strengths as a nation — our optimism and work ethic, our spirit of discovery, our diversity, our commitment to rule of law — these things give us everything we need to ensure prosperity and security for generations to come.

The administration instructed Border patrol to not arrest lawbreakers from other countries. The administration traded Taliban commanders for one deserter without Congressional notification. He taped a fundraising video at the White House, which is illegal. In other words, he is not committed to the rule of law.

I could nitpick at a bunch of little things, but I am going to go with a big picture view as he attempted to do. Here are his four big issues.

First, how do we give everyone a fair shot at opportunity and security in this new economy?

Second, how do we make technology work for us, and not against us, especially when it comes to solving urgent challenges like climate change?

Third, how do we keep America safe and lead the world without becoming its policeman?

And finally, how can we make our politics reflect what’s best in us, and not what’s worst?

The answer to a fair shot at opportunity and security in the new economy is education, benefits, and protections. The little people need more of a voice.

Technology working for us? Biden will head effort for curing cancer. He wants to continue to change the type of energy we use. He also wants to build a 21st century transportation system.

Keeping America safe? We need to protect Americans and go after terrorists. Do not take over countries and rebuild them. We will go alone when protecting our people, but work with other countries on global issues. Reject any political targeting of race and religion.

Better politics? Trust other citizens, be willing to compromise, change current congressional redistricting, reduce money in politics, easier for people to vote, stay active in public life.

What wasn’t mentioned? Government debt, gun control, mass murder events similar to what occurred in San Bernadino, taxes

There seems to be nothing new here. The agenda is very basic. He tries to jab at his opponents here and there while checking the boxes of items Democrats favor. Some of the assertions made were questionable. On the whole – this is a political show and if you missed it, it’s OK – it is what we have heard for eight years.


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