Obama Wants Tolls on Interstates

White House Wants to Lift Ban on Interstate Tolls – NY Times

A transportation proposal sent to Congress by the Obama administration on Tuesday would remove a prohibition on tolls for existing Interstate highways, clearing the way for states to raise revenue on roads that drivers currently use at no cost.

Some Northeastern states, like Delaware and New Jersey, were allowed to keep tolls on existing highways that became a part of the national system. Other states were allowed to charge tolls on highways that were added to existing Interstates, but that revenue can be used only for repair and maintenance of those roads.

The proposal comes as Congress prepares to rewrite the existing surface transportation bill. A Congressional Budget Office study found that the Highway Trust Fund, which helps pays for Interstate repairs and is financed by a gasoline tax, will run out of money in August.

My questions is why is this Highway Trust Fund running out of money. Is spending ever addressed with these people (except when using it as leverage against political opponents)?

The government wants us to drive less and use less fuel, right? Now the fund that comes from gas taxes is running out of money. People who bought electric cars to save gas money may have to pay for it with tolls. And then, there’s are possible privacy issue with tracking drivers.


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