California State Senator Accused of Bribery, Office Raided by FBI

FBI bribery probe at California statehouse roils Democratic ranks ahead of 2014 elections

The federal investigation of a powerful California Democratic senator has roiled the state capital with accusations involving bribery, Hollywood and FBI dirty tricks that threaten to impact next year’s elections.

The six-year-long investigation was made public in June when FBI agents raided the offices of Sen. Ron Calderon.

Calderon was in fact targeted for taking $88,000 in bribes — $28,000 from a Long Beach hospital executive and $60,000 from a FBI agent posing as a Los Angeles movie executive — in exchange for supporting favorable legislation, according to a FBI affidavit obtained by Al Jazeera America and made public in October.

Calderon attorney Mark Geragos argues in the 161-page document that the agency “engaged in a campaign to smear the reputation of Sen. Calderon and convict him in the press and public.” However, it doesn’t appear to provide specific evidence to support the claim.


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