Boeing 737 Crashes in Russia

Shocking video: Boeing’s nosedive in Kazan captured, as cause of crash debated –

Shocking security cam footage of a Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737’s nosedive has been released, just as a number of theories about the circumstances and causes of the crash that claimed 50 lives are still emerging. The black boxes have been recovered.

The footage shows just how futile any efforts at rectifying the situation must have been in those final moments. It is now up to experts to decipher the information found on the ‘black boxes.’

“The plane attempted to land several times. One of the [fuel] tanks detonated while the plane was landing,” said Emergencies Ministry spokeswoman Irina Rossius.

It was subsequently discovered that one of the pilots had informed the control tower that making a second circle around the airport would be necessary, but then failed to follow the guidelines dictated back to him, according to Kirill Kornishin, one of the ground crew.

“[The pilot] told me he would attempt to perform another circle and I dictated the numbers to him – all according to procedure – and that was that. He confirmed the instructions, but didn’t deviate from his path. [The crash] happened mere seconds later,” Kornishin told Russia 24 TV, as cited by RIA Novosti.

Some attribute the fatal crash to the plane’s condition. It was over 20 years old and Tatarstan Airlines had planned to take it out of service a year ago. However, the airline claims there were no known technical problems with the aircraft before it took off on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, however, the same plane had flown from Kazan to Moscow, and passengers reported huge vibrations during landing.

One witness told RT earlier that she was “on board that same Tatarstan airplane from Kazan to Moscow earlier on Sunday afternoon. The flight itself went quite smoothly but, just before the landing, the plane started vibrating fiercely. Initially I thought it was the weather – but when we got out of the plane, it turned out the weather was quite nice. The plane was shaking; it was dragged from side to side. We landed on our first attempt, but it was a really bad landing and I felt like the plane was going to roll off the runway.”

Video at the link. It was a direct nosedive into the ground. That seems unlikely if the problem was confined to one subsystem of the plane. That was more like a total shutdown.


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