In Context – Gibson Guitar Raids

2011.09.14 – Gibson Guitar CEO Describes Shocking Alleged Harassment By Holder [Fox News]
2011.09.09 – How Gibson Guitar Went Tea Party [The Daily Beast]
2011.09.09 – With Gibson, Obama ‘actively discouraging’ jobs [Wash. Examiner]
2011.09.01 – Gibson CEO: Obama Administration Told Us Our Problems Would Go Away If We Used Madagascar Labor (Audio) [Gateway Pundit]
2011.08.29 – The Horrible Lacey Act & The Gibson Guitar Raids [Lee Stranahan]
2011.08.29 – The Gibson Guitar Saga Gets Steadily Curiouser [Powerline]
2011.08.27 – Guitar Wars [The Music Salon]
2011.08.27 – Report: Gibson Competitor is Dem Donor; Uses Same Wood, Experienced No Federal Raids [Big Hollywood]
2011.08.26 – Cross The Border, Lose Your Bentley; The Lacey Act Applies To Automobiles, Too [The Truth About Cars]
2011.08.26 – Gibson Guitar chief denies wrongdoing after raids [The Tennessean]
2011.08.26 – Guitar Frets: Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear [Wall St. Journal]
2011.08.25 – Gov’t says wood is illegal if U.S. workers produce it [Gibson]
2010.04.xx – Lacey Act Primer [USDA]
2009.04.06 – Michelle Obama Gives French First Lady a Gibson Guitar [Gibson]
2008.05.22 – H.R. 2419: Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, Public Law 110-234 [GovTrack]


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