Negative Twitter Posts Abound over Obama Bus Tour

Obama bus tour ridiculed on Twitter [The Hill]

Obama’s Midwest tour last week prompted more criticism and ridicule than support on Twitter, according to this week’s Hill Hexagon.

An analysis of Twitter traffic by Crimson Hexagon over the days of the tour showed that 72 percent of the opinions expressed were negative, while 22 percent were neutral and only 6 percent were favorable.

Crimson Hexagon reviewed 47,645 mentions of the bus tour on Twitter, of which 38,185 expressed an opinion.

This is more powerful than any poll done by the media. Why? First, the amount of opinions taken into account is usually larger than 1,000 people polled over the phone. Second, the opinions are unsolicited. There are no leading questions. Heck, there are NO questions. So those that “tweet” are free to speak what’s on their mind.

What does this mean? People who are plugged in to what’s going on are not liking the bus tour. Extrapolate this to the election and it spells trouble. Obama will need many who do not pay attention to the issues or who are bought to vote for him in 2012.


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