Chicago – Not Desiring to Teach in English

New U.S. census numbers herald a greater Latino presence in the Chicago area

After a steady increase of Latinos in the area due to births and immigration, one out of every three children under 5 in Cook County now come from a Latino ethnic background, according to the recently released data.

“Our goal is not to teach children English, per se,” said Carol Crum, who oversees early childhood education in School District 130 in south suburban Cook County, a district where more than half of the student population is Latino. “That can be controversial. But it’s about us building a strong language foundation and a pre-academic readiness for our children whatever their home language is.”

How much money is wasted printing out foreign language ballots and documentation? Without English, are those students really going to advance beyond lower middle class?

If you are interested in strengthening America, why do you do this? It makes no sense. That’s why many think there is an agenda to weaken this country.


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