ObamaCare Spy Network Called Off (For Now)

Obama’s Health Care Spies

Last week we learned the Obama administration planned to recruit “mystery shoppers” who would pose as patients and call primary care doctors’ offices to find out (1) if they were accepting new patients, (2) whether they would accept private insurance while declining Medicare or Medicaid, and (3) how long it would take to schedule an appointment.

After a storm of criticism the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it had changed its mind and would not undertake the survey—at least for now.

Translation: HHS will let the media flurry die down and then proceed apace when no one is paying attention.

The rest of the article is about how ObamaCare has it backwards. Instead of rewarding hard work, it punishes it. So the rules push people to behave contrary to the goals of ObamaCare – which is why the spies are needed. This is not new for ObamaCare.

It’s similar to HHS’s response to health insurers. Once insurers calculated all the new benefits and requirements in ObamaCare, they started raising premiums to cover their future costs. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had a fit and set up a process to monitor premium increases: If they went past 10 percent, the HHS premium police would call and want an explanation.

This needs to be defunded and repealed ASAP.


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