Breaking Spending Records

Federal spending rises a record 16% in 2009, Census Bureau says

Census Outlines Endless Government Spending Growth

Consolidated Federal Funds Report

Here’s the tale of the tape.

The Consolidated Federal Funds Report (CFFR) covers federal government expenditures or obligations for the object categories listed below. For fiscal year 2009, amounts reported totaled $3.2 trillion for the direct expenditure or obligation categories and $1.9 trillion for other federal assistance (loans and insurance programs):
• Retirement and disability ($881 billion)
• Other direct payments ($763 billion)
• Grants ($744 billion – HHS 56%, Education 11%, Transportation 11%)
• Procurement contracts ($551 billion – Defense 64%, Energy 5%, Vets 4%)
• Salaries and wages ($299 billion – Defense 46%, Civilian 35%, Postal 19%)
• Direct loans ($54 billion)
• Guaranteed or insured loans ($510 billion)
• Insurance ($1.3 trillion)


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