Immigration Issues – Arizona

2010/05/11Ariz. Organizers Drop Immigration Referendum Drive – ABC News
2010/04/292 lawsuits challenge new Arizona immigration law – Breitbart
2010/04/28Opponents of immigration law call for boycott of Arizona Iced Tea – but it is brewed in New York! – NY Daily News
2010/04/29Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law
2010/04/27Rubio criticizes Arizona immigration law – The Hill
2010/04/27Mack (R) compares Ariz. law to Nazi Germany – The Hill
2010/04/27Kidnappings, Home Invasions Sparked Ariz. Law – NewsMax
2010/04/27Mexico issues Arizona travel alert – UPI
2010/04/26S.F. supes want economic boycott of Arizona – San Francisco Chronicle
2010/04/26Janet Napolitano Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes with the Homeland Security Secretary
2010/04/26Refried Bean Swastikas Smeared On Arizona Capitol – The Huffington Post
2010/04/26Illegal Immigrant Law Opponents Rally in Arizona
2010/04/26Herrera calls for sweeping boycott of Arizona over draconian new immigration law – City of San Francisco Office of the City Attorney
2010/04/25Sharpton vows to protest Arizona immigration bill – The Arizona Republic/AP
2010/04/23Ariz. governor signs immigration enforcement bill – Wash. Post/AP
2010/04/23Arizona governor signs immigration law; foes promise fight – The Arizona Republic
2010/04/23Obama Seeks Immigration Overhaul, Slams Arizona Law – Bloomberg
2010/04/23STATEMENT BY GOVERNOR JAN BREWER – State of Arizona Office of Governor
2010/04/23SB1070 – Arizona Legislature
2010/04/14Confirmed: Killer of Arizona Rancher Entered and Exited the U.S. on Public Lands – Republicans, Natural Resources Committee
2010/04/04Ranchers Alarmed by Killing Near Border – NY Times (see 2007/11/12)
2009/04/13Letter – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arapio to Al Sharpton – PC Free Zone Gazette
2009/03/12Justice Dept. Investigates Arizona Sheriff for Enforcing Immigration Law – CNS News
2007/11/12Letter – Susan Krentz (Complaint of possible federal takeover of land that will facilitate drug traffic)


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