Health Care in Context

2010/05/11Florida Suit Poses a Challenge to Health Care Law – NY Times
2010/05/10The Amazing Carelessness Of ObamaCare – Investors Business Daily
2010/04/28Americans losing confidence in healthcare – Yahoo/Reuters
2010/04/27Lawmakers to insurers: stop dropping sick patients – Washington Post
2010/04/27Obamacare’s Danger Signs – National Review
2010/04/26Health Care Rationing – Patterico’s Pontifications
2010/04/26Senate Panel Previews Electronic Health Technology – CNS News
2010/04/26What Lies Beneath – Office Politics – The American Spectator
2010/04/22Summary Box: Amgen details health care reform hit – Bloomberg Businessweek
2010/04/22Baxter Falls After Forecast Cut on Health-Care Costs (Update3) – Bloomberg Businessweek
2010/04/22Four Million Americans To Pay ObamaCare Fine In 2016
2010/03/23Lawsuit, Case 3:10-cv-00091-RV-EMT – U.S. District Court Northern District of Florida
2010/01/08Estimated Impact of Health Care Reform Proposals – CMS Office of the Actuary


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